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Wheel Rim Protectors with Enhanced Collision Bar (for Tesla Model 3/Y)

Wheel Rim Protectors with Enhanced Collision Bar (for Tesla Model 3/Y)

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Compatibility: Specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Suitable for 18-20 inch wheel sizes.

Material: Crafted from high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy. The protectors are seamlessly formed from a single piece of material, ensuring no interfaces or break points.

Design and Function:

  • Before installation: Parking and turning can easily cause scratches and scuffs to the wheel rims.
  • After installation: Enhances the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle while concealing any existing rim damage.


  • Aluminum Alloy Construction: Made from a high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy. The one-piece molding technique ensures durability and a sleek look.
  • Easy, No-Removal Installation: Designed for convenience, these protectors can be installed without the need for wheel removal.
  • 3M Foam Adhesive: Equipped with a strong 3M foam adhesive that ensures the protectors remain securely in place during driving.

Installation Guide:

  1. Step One: Clean the edge of the wheel rim with a towel.
  2. Step Two: Use an alcohol swab for further cleaning and let it dry.
  3. Step Three: (Without tearing off the red backing) Align the protector correctly with the rim edge, ensuring the center is matched.
  4. Step Four: Slowly remove the red tape backing from the inside and press firmly.
  5. Step Five: Apply even pressure around the circumference to ensure firm adhesion.
  6. Step Six: Installation is complete. Avoid washing with water for the first 24 hours.


  • These wheel rim protectors not only enhance the visual appeal of your Tesla Model 3 or Y but also offer additional protection against minor collisions and scratches.
  • The installation process is straightforward and does not require professional assistance, making it a cost-effective and convenient upgrade for your vehicle.

These aluminum alloy wheel rim protectors are an ideal addition for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners looking to safeguard their rims from damage while adding a touch of style to their vehicle. Their robust construction and easy installation make them a practical choice for any Tesla enthusiast.

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