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Central Console Armrest Partition Storage Box (for BYD Atto 3)

Central Console Armrest Partition Storage Box (for BYD Atto 3)

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Say goodbye to clutter with the BYD Atto3 Center Console Armrest Storage Box. This meticulously designed accessory is a game-changer for your vehicle, providing you with additional storage space while maintaining a clean and organized interior.

Before and After Comparison: Experience the most noticeable upgrade in organization before and after installation. Unlike conventional hidden compartments, this storage box offers a visible and well-structured solution.

  • Before Installation: Limited storage space and a lack of designated spots make it frustrating to locate your belongings.
  • After Installation: Enjoy an orderly arrangement of your items, making it easy to find what you need at a glance. With multiple layers of storage, you can keep everything neatly separated.

One-Hand Accessibility: Designed with a shock-absorbing pad, this storage box offers a more sensible layout than the original car's storage design, creating additional storage space.

Custom Fit: Achieve a tidy and convenient storage solution with the double-layer separation in your center console. This optimizes space utilization and enhances storage capacity.

Plush Interior Lining: Slip-Resistant and Noise-Reducing The plush fabric interior effectively prevents items from sliding around, ensuring that your belongings remain undamaged and silent during transportation.

Precision and Seamless Integration: Crafted with a 1:1 original car mold, this storage box perfectly matches the contours of your vehicle's interior. It fits snugly without any gaps or displacement, ensuring that it stays securely in place no matter how much you move around.

Upgrade your vehicle's interior with the BYD Atto3 Center Console Armrest Storage Box. Say goodbye to clutter, and enjoy a more organized, spacious, and comfortable driving experience.

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