Xiaomi SU7's "Super Power Saving Mode" Activated When Range Falls Below 50km

Xiaomi SU7's "Super Power Saving Mode" Activated When Range Falls Below 50km

Xiaomi has introduced a "Super Power Saving Mode" in their vehicles. This mode is activated by disabling driver-assistance features, limiting or turning off air conditioning, seat heating, and other comfort functions, as well as restricting top speed and overall vehicle acceleration. These measures are taken to reduce power consumption and increase range.

When the estimated remaining range of the vehicle falls below 50km, a pop-up window with settings and explanations will appear on the central control screen, allowing users to choose whether to activate the super power saving mode. This mode can also be activated or deactivated at any time during the drive. Users can access this feature through the settings in the control bar below the central screen by navigating to Driving Preferences > Super Power Saving Mode.

Once activated, the following vehicle functions will be restricted:

  • Maximum speed limited to 90km/h;
  • The system sets a separate economical power response to control a smoother torque output;
  • Air conditioning performance is limited (reduced airflow and power);
  • Steering wheel heating is turned off;
  • Seat heating and ventilation, as well as other comfort functions, are disabled;
  • Ambient lighting is turned off;
  • External rearview mirror heating and rear window heating are disabled;
  • Intelligent driving assistance and parking assistance functions are disabled;
  • Entertainment, ecological services, and sentinel mode are turned off;
  • The 12V DC power outlet in the vehicle is disconnected;
  • Control of the electric rear spoiler is disabled;
  • The onboard smart refrigerator is turned off.

After activating the super power saving mode through the central control screen pop-up, the vehicle will automatically exit this mode once the charging estimated range exceeds 300km. During this mode, users can briefly increase speed for overtaking by deeply pressing the accelerator pedal.

Additionally, Xiaomi has discussed the topic of disabling cameras. The vehicle features a camera located between the steering wheel and the instrument screen for detecting driver fatigue or distraction behaviors such as closing eyes, turning the head, yawning, or using a mobile phone. When such behaviors are detected, the system will alert the driver through voice announcements and pop-ups on the central control screen to ensure safe driving practices.

Officially, the system only performs local behavior judgments and reminders, and image data is not recorded or transmitted externally. If users do not require the driver fatigue/distraction alert function, they can disable it in the "Settings" - "Driving Preferences" menu on the central control screen. Users also have the option to directly disable the camera in the vehicle's permission management settings.

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