REVIEW: Center Console Screen Tempered Glass Protector (for Mercedes-Benz EQA)

REVIEW: Center Console Screen Tempered Glass Protector (for Mercedes-Benz EQA)

The Premium Matte Tempered Glass Protector isdesigned exclusively for the Mercedes-Benz EQA. This cutting-edge accessory promises not just to protect your center console screen from the inevitable fingerprints, smudges, and potential impact damage, but also to elevate the user interaction thanks to its meticulously engineered features.

Product Overview

For Mercedes-Benz EQA owners, the vehicle's center console screen controls everything from navigation to entertainment and vehicle settings. But with frequent use comes the risk of scratches, smudges, and glare, all of which can diminish the screen's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Recognizing this, a specially designed product has been introduced to address these concerns: the Premium Matte Tempered Glass Protector, tailored specifically for the Mercedes-Benz EQA.

With its premium quality, it stands out as an essential upgrade for protecting and enhancing the center console screen. Its design considers the specific dimensions and needs of the EQA, ensuring a seamless fit that complements the vehicle's luxurious interior.

At the heart of this product are six core technologies, each developed to tackle common issues faced by drivers today. These include:

  1. Anti-Reflection Technology: This technology reduces glare and reflections, ensuring the screen remains visible under various lighting conditions.
  2. Strong Anti-Fingerprint: It minimizes fingerprints and smudges, keeping the screen clear and the display sharp.
  3. Enhanced Anti-Shatter: Through a sophisticated tempering process, the glass offers superior protection against cracks and breaks.
  4. Sensitive Touch Control: The protector enhances touch sensitivity, ensuring that every interaction is as smooth and responsive as the original screen.
  5. Zero-Grain Sensation: The screen protector offers a smooth touch experience, free from the grainy texture often found in other protectors.
  6. Original Screen Quality: It maintains the high-resolution quality of the screen, ensuring that colors and details are as vivid as without a protector.

Key Features and Benefits

Anti-Reflection Technology

The Premium Matte Tempered Glass Protector incorporates advanced anti-reflection technology designed to combat glare and reflections, which are common nuisances for drivers. The matte coating on the glass significantly reduces the amount of light reflected off the screen, ensuring that it remains readable in a variety of lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to nighttime driving.

Strong Anti-Fingerprint

Utilizing a cutting-edge coating, the screen protector is engineered to resist fingerprints and oil smudges. This is achieved through a special surface treatment that repels oils, ensuring that touches to the screen do not leave behind smudges or fingerprints. This keeps the screen clean and clear, preserving the sharpness and clarity of the display. The result is a consistently pristine screen that requires less frequent cleaning and maintains the high aesthetic standards of the Mercedes-Benz EQA's interior.

Enhanced Anti-Shatter

Safety and durability are paramount with the Enhanced Anti-Shatter technology. By undergoing a rigorous 4-hour high-temperature tempering process combined with silicon ion strengthening, the tempered glass achieves an extraordinary level of durability. This triple-layered protection significantly enhances the glass's resistance to cracks and shattering upon impact. In the event of an accident, this feature provides an added layer of safety, protecting passengers from sharp glass shards.

Sensitive Touch Control

The protector's 0.07-micron matte finish is meticulously engineered to not only match but surpass the original screen's touch sensitivity and clarity. This ultra-thin coating ensures that every touch is accurately registered, providing a responsive and seamless interaction with the vehicle's touchscreen interface. The tactile feedback is smooth, precise, and instantly familiar, mirroring the intuitive control drivers expect from their high-tech dashboard.

Zero-Grain Sensation

Featuring an aerospace-grade matte finish, the screen protector offers a supremely smooth touch experience, devoid of any grainy sensation. This is a significant advancement over traditional screen protectors, which can sometimes introduce a textured feel to the touch. The zero-grain sensation ensures that swiping and tapping on the screen feels as fluid and natural as the original glass surface, enhancing user interaction without compromising on protection.

Original Screen Quality

At the core of its design, the protector uses optical-grade high-transparency glass to ensure that the quality of the screen's display remains uncompromised. The high-transparency glass maintains the vibrancy, sharpness, and clarity of the screen, ensuring that colors and details are displayed as vividly as intended by the manufacturer. This means that, despite the added layer of protection, the visual experience of using the vehicle's center console screen remains unchanged, preserving the immersive and high-quality display Mercedes-Benz owners are accustomed to.

Why We Love It

Unparalleled Protection: The combination of anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint, and enhanced anti-shatter technologies offers unmatched protection for the center console screen. This protector goes beyond the standard by safeguarding the screen from scratches, smudges, and potential damage from impacts. It ensures that the heart of the EQA’s interior remains pristine, preserving both functionality and aesthetics.

Enhanced User Experience: By reducing glare and reflections, the screen becomes easier to read in all lighting conditions, thus enhancing safety and reducing eye strain. The sensitive touch control technology ensures that using the screen feels intuitive and responsive, just like the original screen, if not better. This level of clarity and control significantly improves the user interface interaction, making every drive more enjoyable.

Maintains Screen Quality: The optical-grade high-transparency glass maintains the vividness and sharpness of the display, ensuring that the visual quality of the screen is not compromised. Whether it’s navigating maps or adjusting vehicle settings, the display remains as clear and vibrant as ever.


You can purchase the product here.

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