EVWorld Partners with EVS37: Forging the Future of Electric Mobility

EVWorld Partners with EVS37: Forging the Future of Electric Mobility

EVWorld is thrilled to announce its media partnership with the esteemed Electric Vehicle Symposium, EVS37, set to illuminate the city of Seoul from April 23-26, 2024. This monumental event, held at the COEX in Seoul, Korea, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting sustainable and innovative transport solutions.

EVS37: The Olympics of Electric Vehicles

Revered as the "Olympics of Electric Vehicles," EVS37 continues a storied legacy that began in 1969. This symposium is an event where pioneers, innovators, and leaders in the electric vehicle (EV) industry converge to showcase groundbreaking research, products, and ideas. It's where the future of mobility is shaped, discussed, and evolved.

Global EV Summit: A Confluence of Minds

The summit anticipates the gathering of over 1,500 electric vehicle experts, including professors, researchers, industry representatives, and policymakers. They will share nearly 600 cutting-edge papers and partake in discussions led by globally renowned scholars. This collective brilliance paves the way for significant advancements and collaborations in the EV landscape.

A Showcase of Innovation: The Global Exhibition

EVS37's global exhibition is a testament to the diversity and innovation within the electric vehicle industry. With over 200 domestic and international companies presenting, attendees will experience the latest in complete vehicles, batteries, charging solutions, components, materials, and equipment. This comprehensive showcase offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore current trends and future possibilities in EV technology.

Secure Your Spot: Early-Bird Registration

To ensure participation in this groundbreaking event, we encourage you to take advantage of the early-bird registration available until January 31. Join us and thousands of other enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders in a collective stride towards a more sustainable and efficient future of mobility.

Join the Journey with EVWorld

Visit the EVS37 official website for more details, and don't miss out on the teaser video and shorts to get a glimpse of what's to come.

Stay tuned with EVWorld for continuous coverage, insights, and exclusive features as we approach the event. Together, let's drive forward into a future where electric mobility is not just a vision but a vibrant reality.

Official Website: EVS37 Official Website

Teaser Video: EVS37 Teaser Video

Shorts: EVS37 Shorts

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