Zeekr X Review: 315kW, 560km range

Zeekr X Review: 315kW, 560km range

In the ever-evolving landscape of new energy vehicles, the Zeekr X emerges as a compelling addition, showcasing the robust performance of Chinese brand cars in the global market. This review delves into the intricacies of the Zeekr X, exploring its exterior allure, refined interior, and impressive performance to provide potential buyers with a thorough guide.


At first glance, the Zeekr X commands attention with its striking design. The vehicle harmoniously blends its family-oriented design philosophy with modern aesthetics. The front fascia, characterized by a closed style, is accentuated with sharp lighting and aggressive lines on the hood, crafting an image that's both refined and cool. The car's body further complements this impression. Detailed with rich, layered lines and paired with sleek, black rims, the Zeekr X exudes a youthful and sporty air. Its design is further polished by frameless doors and hidden door handles, enhancing the vehicle's sleek and contemporary profile.


Inside, the Zeekr X speaks volumes of minimalistic elegance and quality. Eschewing ornate decorations and complex designs, the interior opts for a simple yet high-quality approach. The dual-tone interior adds an extra layer of sophistication, creating an inviting and comfortable ambiance. Technologically, the Zeekr X is a step ahead. Its cabin is adorned with a floating-style LCD screen and a flat-bottomed, two-spoke steering wheel, significantly boosting the vehicle's tech-savvy appeal.


Performance-wise, the Zeekr X does not disappoint. It offers a choice between 200KW and 315KW permanent magnet synchronous motors, with the range varying between 560 km, 512 km, and 500 km depending on the model. The inclusion of a dual-motor variant that provides all-wheel drive caters to those seeking an extra edge in performance.


The Zeekr X is available in four distinct configurations, ensuring a match for various preferences and needs. These include the 2023 Rear-Drive ME version (5 seats), 2023 All-Wheel Drive YOU version (5 seats), 2023 Rear-Drive YOU version (4 seats), and the 2023 All-Wheel Drive YOU version (4 seats). Despite the differences, safety remains paramount across all models, with features like airbags, brake force distribution, vehicle stability control, and a full suite of active safety technologies being standard.

Driving aids are another highlight, with the vehicle offering an impressive array of aids including parking radars, panoramic imaging, adaptive cruise control, and L2 level driving assistance. The interior amenities further enhance the driving experience. These range from a panoramic sunroof and rain-sensing wipers to a 14.6-inch touch LCD screen, smartphone connectivity, and heated and ventilated seats, with a massage function available in the 4-seat variant.


In conclusion, the Zeekr X is a formidable player in the EVe sector, blending aesthetics, comfort, and performance in a package that's hard to overlook. Its array of configurations and features cater to a wide range of preferences, making it a versatile and appealing choice for consumers looking for an electric vehicle that doesn't compromise on style or functionality.

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