Zeekr 009 Review: A Luxurious, Powerful MPV

Zeekr 009 Review: A Luxurious, Powerful MPV

The rapid development of domestic new energy technology has ushered in a significant transformation in the traditional sedan and SUV market. It has not only revolutionized these segments but also put pressure on conventional American and Japanese MPVs. Today, we introduce the Zeekr 009. Let's delve into its strengths.

Performance: Electrifying Power

For MPV enthusiasts, ride comfort and spaciousness are paramount. The Zeekr 009 meets these demands and more. It boasts a combined power of 400 kW (544 PS) from dual electric motors, capable of generating 686 N·m of torque. This ample and confident power reserve allows the vehicle to effortlessly achieve 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. The vehicle offers two battery options: 116 kWh and 140 kWh lithium-ion batteries. These provide pure electric ranges of 702 km and 822 km, catering to both home and commercial usage with ample range.

The Zeekr 009 features a combination of double-wishbone and multi-link suspensions, offering an ideal balance between handling and comfort. All models come equipped with an adjustable air suspension system, offering a soft, air-cushioned damping that effectively absorbs excess vibrations on the road while ensuring adequate lateral support during fast cornering. The electric power steering provides a light and linear response, preserving the vehicle's agility.

Interior: Luxury and Comfort

As a midsize MPV, the Zeekr 009 boasts a spacious cabin with dimensions of 5209mm in length, 2024mm in width, and 1848mm in height, featuring a boxy exterior design. The vehicle's substantial wheelbase of 3205mm ensures a generous interior space. The 6-seat layout easily meets both business and family needs. The seats are covered with Nappa leather, featuring vertical stitching that extends throughout the surface. The internal padding is plush and soft. The headrests have an independent structure and include clamping and independent audio functions, enhancing the overall seating experience.

Exterior: Bold and Luxurious

The Zeekr 009 exudes an air of luxury and sophistication with its robust exterior design. The front end incorporates a fully chromed closed grille, extending vertically from the front hood to the front lip, adorned with vertically arranged decorative stripes. The lower section retains a rectangular air intake. The unique headlight design features a futuristic split structure with vertically extending daytime running lights resembling claws. The large, bold design of the headlights is both stylish and practical.

Moving to the side profile, the Zeekr 009 adopts a solid overall design. The front windshield area employs two inclined A-pillar structures, enhancing the driver's forward visibility and adding a touch of modernity. The side and rear windows do not connect uniformly along the lower window line. Instead, they employ an upward structure at the C-pillar and feature vertical decorative stripes. A clear and straight waistline defines the sides, creating a layered structure. The multi-spoke alloy wheel design adds a fashionable touch to the side profile.

At the rear, the Zeekr 009 maintains a square and robust appearance. The rear pillar is darkened, creating a floating roofline effect. The spoiler above the rear window features a subtle curvature, adding a dynamic element. The continuous taillights on both sides feature densely arranged vertical light strips, producing various lighting effects when illuminated. The rear bumper extends slightly outward, maintaining a clean and sophisticated overall appearance.

Infotainment and Technology: Cutting-Edge Features

The Zeekr 009's luxury extends to its interior materials, with the center console featuring a cascading combination of shapes. The clever combination of light and dark soft materials exudes opulence. The roof and pillars are adorned with Alcantara material. The central panel inside features a golden metallic mesh design with chrome trim on the edges. It houses a floating screen in the middle, below which you'll find the gear lever and a wireless charging pad. The layout prioritizes practicality.

The 15.4-inch central screen incorporates a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip for efficient processing. The Zeekr OS system is highly responsive and smooth, offering GPS, multimedia, and various connectivity services, along with native smartphone integration, vehicle connectivity, and 5G capabilities for expanded applications and remote control. All Zeekr 009 models are equipped with Mobileye EyeQ5H chips and Zeekr AD advanced driver-assistance systems, enabling intelligent Level 2 capabilities for efficient and safe daily commuting.


The Zeekr 009 is a luxury powerhouse in the domestic new energy MPV segment. It combines robust exterior design, opulent interior layout, ample cabin space, and powerful performance. With its focus on both commercial and family needs, the Zeekr 009 presents a compelling choice. What are your thoughts on this Zeekr 009?

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