Yiwei 3 Review: 405km Affordable EV

Yiwei 3 Review: 405km Affordable EV

In recent automotive news, JAC Motors has made strides in the electric vehicle (EV) market with the introduction of its new energy sub-brand model, the Yiwei 3. The company's announcement of increased sales, particularly in the pure electric vehicle sector, sets an optimistic backdrop for this review of the Yiwei 3, focusing on its interior, exterior, and performance characteristics.


Externally, the Yiwei 3 presents itself with a compact and retro charm, echoing the design of the Ora Good Cat. The vehicle's front is distinguished by its round, protruding headlights that are a nod to its new energy character, complemented by a closed-style, small horizontal grille. The side mirrors continue the rounded theme, contributing to the overall quaint aesthetic. The car maintains a modest and stylish look with dimensions that suggest easy maneuverability and a chic urban presence. Notable design elements include a hidden charging port and retractable door handles, coupled with trendy wheel designs.


Internally, the Yiwei 3 is designed as a 5-seater, positioning itself similarly to other compact electric vehicles in the market. The interior ambiance is bright and refreshing, utilizing a three-color palette that combines white, orange, and dark grey, reflecting a modern and youthful spirit. The car is equipped with a 6.2-inch floating LCD instrument panel and a 12.8-inch central multimedia display, aligning with the standards expected in new energy vehicles. The layered dashboard is adorned with circular air vents surrounded by chrome trims, enhancing the modern feel, while the flat-bottom steering wheel adds a sporty touch to the overall interior design.


Performance-wise, the Yiwei 3 is equipped with an electric motor from Hefei Dao Yi Power Technology Co., Ltd, providing a power output of 70kW and torque of 135N·m. It houses a 41kWh lithium iron phosphate battery supplied by Hefei Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd, offering a range of 405km. These specifications position the Yiwei 3 as an ideal candidate for city driving and short-distance travels, reflecting the typical usage scenario of urban commuters.

The market introduction of the Yiwei 3 is a testament to JAC's ongoing commitment and maturity in the electric vehicle sector. It not only provides consumers with more choices but also enriches the domestic new energy vehicle market with its blend of vintage aesthetics and modern technology. While the Yiwei 3 may not present groundbreaking technology or performance, it stands as a solid option for those seeking an environmentally friendly, efficient, and stylish vehicle for urban life.


In conclusion, the Yiwei 3 is a commendable addition to the compact electric vehicle segment. With its balanced approach to design, comfort, and efficiency, it reflects the evolving craftsmanship of JAC Motors in the new energy domain. As the automotive industry continues to shift towards sustainability, the Yiwei 3 offers a glimpse into the future of urban mobility, where style and environmental consciousness go hand in hand.

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