Xpeng X9 Review: An Electric Alphard

Xpeng X9 Review: An Electric Alphard

The Xpeng X9 is a groundbreaking entry into the luxury MPV market, a segment traditionally dominated by foreign brands. This Chinese-made, electric vehicle reshapes the landscape with its compelling blend of style, luxury, and cutting-edge technology, offered at a significantly lower price point than its established competitors like the Toyota Alphard. With four distinct models ranging from the 2024 610 Long Range Pro to the 640 Four-Wheel Drive High Performance Max, the X9 caters to a broad spectrum of needs, balancing range and performance with an array of configurations. Its design, both inside and out, challenges conventional MPV aesthetics, infusing contemporary flair and technological sophistication, making it a highly attractive option for those seeking luxury and innovation without the hefty price tag.


The Xpeng X9, a luxury MPV, distinguishes itself from traditional MPVs with a modern and stylish design. It features a closed front grille with a fish-scale gradient trapezoidal panel, integrated headlamps that emphasize the tech-forward aesthetic, and diamond-shaped lights that break away from the conservative style of typical MPVs. The side profile abandons boxy shapes for a sleek, floating roofline and smooth, flat side windows with hidden door handles, enhancing the visual appeal and aerodynamic efficiency. The near-fully enclosed dual-tone wheels, sized at 235/55 R19, add uniqueness. Additionally, electric sliding doors, a high-end MPV feature, are standard across all variants.


Inside, the Xpeng X9 resembles a family car or SUV more than an MPV, with a simple yet luxurious design. It features extensive soft padding with dual-tone color schemes, real wood accents, and perforated metal panels, elevating the interior quality. Dual 50W wireless phone chargers and a 23-speaker sound system ensure convenience and auditory pleasure. The highlight is the 17.3-inch central control screen, which supports six-zone voice recognition, allowing simultaneous use of navigation and media in different rows without interference.

The X9 boasts Xpeng's latest X0S Tianji intelligent cockpit system, offering split-screen displays, gesture controls for customization, and enhanced responsiveness and smooth operation thanks to the 8295 vehicle chip. The spacious interior dimensions (5293x1988x1785mm with a 3160mm wheelbase) and 2+2+3 seating layout provide ample room across all rows, with additional features like heated, ventilated, massage, and memory functions for the second row. An optional zero-gravity seat with more comfort features is available, though it sacrifices the second-row aisle.

Additional luxuries include a 10.8L electric fridge and a 21.4-inch ceiling-mounted entertainment screen with adjustable angles for viewing comfort. Electric adjustments for all three rows and the ability to convert the X9 from a 7-seater to a spacious 4-seater enhance the experience. Cargo space is generous, with up to 2554L of storage capacity.


The X9's body structure is designed for safety, incorporating a front-rear integrated aluminum casting structure and an 83% high-strength steel-aluminum mix. Special attention to rear safety includes segmented cast pieces and reinforced beams for improved collision protection.

The X9's intelligent driving system is noteworthy, offering high-level autonomous driving capabilities like active overtaking and automatic ramp navigation. The advanced models feature 29 perception components and dual Orin-X chips, enabling AI-assisted driving for familiar routes.

The X9 comes in three electric ranges (610km, 702km, 640km) and performance options, with single or dual electric motor systems. Its 800V high-voltage platform allows for quick charging, adding 300km in just 10 minutes. The intelligent thermal management system aids in faster charging by optimizing battery temperature.

On the road, the X9 feels large yet agile, thanks to the active rear-wheel steering that reduces turning radius and enhances maneuverability. Its suspension system, utilizing high-strength aluminum and a double-chamber air suspension, adapts to road conditions for optimal comfort.


The Xpeng X9 blurs the lines between MPVs and SUVs/cars. It eliminates the 'professional driver' feel typical of MPVs, offering a forward-thinking design, spacious and luxurious interior, efficient electric drive technology, and high-spec chassis hardware. With features like rear-wheel steering and double-chamber air suspension as standard across all models, the X9 presents strong overall value for those seeking a blend of performance and comfort in a luxury MPV.

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