XPENG P7 Review: A Marvel of Modern Design and Performance

XPENG P7 Review: A Marvel of Modern Design and Performance

In the realm of new electric vehicle manufacturers, XPENG Motors has emerged as a significant player. Today, we turn our attention to the XPENG P7, a midsize car that truly makes a statement. We'll focus on the 2022 model, specifically the 480G variant, which starts at ¥209,900, to uncover what this car has to offer.

Exterior Elegance

The XPENG P7 boasts a captivating exterior design that exudes an air of sophistication and sportiness. The front fascia is notably sleek, with a low-slung profile that gives it a dynamic stance. The flat and wide enclosed front end features a graceful, arc-shaped LED light strip, which adds a touch of futuristic sci-fi flair. The horizontal grille design, coupled with the broad front, further enhances its sporty appeal. The continuous lines running across the front face create a sense of depth, while the black lower bumper adds a touch of distinction. The headlights feature full LED illumination, and the inner edges incorporate two laser radars, providing various lighting functions, including daytime running lights, automatic headlights, cornering lights, continuous headlights, continuous taillights, headlight height adjustment, interior ambient lighting, and delayed headlight shutdown. The lighting features are comprehensive and practical.

On the sides, the XPENG P7 catches the eye with its sloping roofline, which adds a dash of sporty aesthetics. As a midsize car, it embraces a design that appears lower at the front and higher at the back. The concealed door handles contribute to its overall futuristic appeal. Chrome accents along the bottom of the doors, combined with rounded and graceful lines, present an elegant and elongated profile. The 2022 XPENG P7 480G adheres to the standard dimensions for a midsize car, measuring 4880mm in length, 1896mm in width, and 1450mm in height, with a 2998mm wheelbase. Inside, even a 175cm-tall individual will find ample headroom when seated in the front. The rear legroom offers nearly two fists of space, and there's even a generous four fingers of headroom.

Interior Innovation

Step inside the XPENG P7, and you'll encounter a minimalist and clean interior, adorned with a refreshing white color scheme. The center console showcases a 3D aesthetic design language that elevates the cabin's overall sense of sophistication. The stepped panel on the center console houses a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument cluster and a 14.96-inch central screen, creating a suspended dual-screen setup that exudes a high-tech ambiance. The car boasts connectivity features like vehicle networking and 4G connectivity, along with OTA (Over-The-Air) updates. The attention to detail is evident throughout, making the cabin feel both user-friendly and technologically advanced. The seats are upholstered in genuine leather, providing a comfortable and inviting seating experience.

Electrifying Performance

Under the hood, the XPENG P7 packs a punch with a rear-mounted single electric motor delivering a robust 267 horsepower, equivalent to 196 kW, and 390 N·m of peak torque. The electric motor is mated to a single-speed gearbox designed for electric vehicles. This powertrain propels the car from 0 to 100 km/h in a brisk 6.7 seconds. The P7 is equipped with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries from NINGDE TIMES, CITIC GUOAN MGL, and EVE Energy. The pure electric range is rated at 480 kilometers (298 miles), making it a practical choice for city commuting. The suspension system comprises a front double-wishbone independent suspension and a rear multi-link independent suspension, which contributes to its agile handling and ride comfort.

Conclusion: An Electric Gem

In summary, the XPENG P7 stands out as a well-rounded and accomplished vehicle, with impressive energy efficiency and a comfortable ride. Having explored the 2022 XPENG P7 480G, it's clear that this car offers a compelling package. If the budget allows, it's certainly a vehicle worthy of consideration. To truly appreciate what the XPENG P7 has to offer, a visit to a local XPENG dealership for a test drive is highly recommended.

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