XPENG P5 Review: 155kw power, 500km range

XPENG P5 Review: 155kw power, 500km range


The XPENG P5 maintains a familiar silhouette, with a few notable changes primarily in its front facade. The grille features a closed design, complementing the contemporary style of electric vehicles. The bumper has been redesigned with a honeycomb pattern, and the radar on both sides has been removed. The 'big mouth' style remains unchanged, featuring a common-through design with dot-matrix decoration inside. The hood is smooth, adorned with the simplistic X logo of XPENG, aligning with the minimalist ethos of new energy vehicles.

From the side, the P5 presents a standard coupe design, characterized by a sporty front-low, rear-high stance. The prominent waistline, concealed door handles, and petal-shaped wheels add to its sleek appearance. Charging ports are subtly integrated into the front fender. The dimensions of the car have grown slightly in length, now measuring 4860 x 1840 x 1520 mm, but the wheelbase remains unchanged at 2768 mm, offering a more imposing presence. The rear features a slight bulge that serves as a spoiler and a through-type taillight design. Compared to the current model, subtle adjustments have been made to the rear bumper, which might go unnoticed without close inspection.


Inside, the XPENG P5 maintains its unaltered, minimalist interior, which may feel slightly underwhelming when compared to vehicles in the higher price range. The symmetrical design of the dashboard and the round-bottom three-spoke steering wheel with physical buttons offer full functionality. The 12.3-inch dashboard and a separate 15.6-inch large screen in the center console create a tech-rich ambiance, though it lacks a full-width screen. Air vents are ingeniously concealed, adding to the layered look of the dashboard. The Pro version adds seat heating and ventilation, offering enhanced comfort options for consumers.


The P5's electric motor produces 155 kW of power and 310 N·m of torque. While its performance is competent, it doesn't stand out in its class. However, its 500 km range is more than sufficient for daily commuting and occasional long trips.

Overall Impression

The XPENG P5 stands out for its sincere approach to design and functionality. It features a fashionable exterior, a richly equipped interior, and all the necessary functionalities expected in a modern electric vehicle. Priced reasonably, it is an attractive option for consumers interested in new energy vehicles.

In conclusion, the XPENG P5 is a commendable new entrant in the electric vehicle market, balancing style, comfort, and performance at an accessible price point.

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