Xiaomi SU7 Review: Xiaomi's First Ever EV

Xiaomi SU7 Review: Xiaomi's First Ever EV


The Xiaomi SU7 is a C-class pure electric sedan that presents a striking first impression. Its nearly 5-meter length commands presence on the road, while the design incorporates sleek, contemporary trends. The vehicle's dimensions (4997mm length, 1963mm width, 1440mm height, and a 3000mm wheelbase) not only surpass competitors like BYD Han EV in size but also in style. The SU7's profile features a fastback design that aligns with current preferences, and its aluminum alloy wheels add a sporty touch. Distinctive among the models, the dual-motor variant boasts orange brake calipers within the wheel design, underscoring its performance pedigree.

The front fascia is aggressive, with LED headlights resembling bullet heads that give it an edgy look, enhanced by chrome-plated decorative strips. At the rear, the SU7's taillights and overall design are reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB11, featuring smoked LED tail lights and the prominent 'XIAOMI' badge, elevating its luxury appeal. Furthermore, an optional retractable spoiler not only serves aerodynamic functions but also enhances the vehicle's aesthetic.



The SU7 will be available in two powertrain options: a single rear-mounted electric motor and a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. The single-motor version generates a maximum output of 220 kilowatts, while the dual-motor version impressively delivers up to 495 kilowatts. These power figures translate into top speeds of 210 km/h and 265 km/h, respectively, indicating that the SU7 is designed to deliver robust performance alongside its elegant design.

Market Outlook

Even with limited information released, the SU7's design and performance specifications suggest that it will be a strong contender in the electric vehicle market. Its combination of luxury styling, spacious dimensions, and powerful electric motors positions it to appeal to both design-conscious and performance-oriented consumers.

Final Thoughts

While the Xiaomi SU7's interior features remain under wraps, its exterior styling and performance capabilities are enough to generate significant interest. Its entry into the market next year is highly anticipated, and it's recommended for potential buyers and electric vehicle enthusiasts to keep a close eye on further updates from Xiaomi.

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