Wuling Yangguang EV Review: 300km range, 30-80% in 30 mins

Wuling Yangguang EV Review: 300km range, 30-80% in 30 mins

The Wuling Yangguang EV, a recent addition to Wuling Motors' esteemed lineup of vehicles, marks a significant step forward in the electric utility vehicle sector. With its official launch introducing three distinct models, the Yangguang EV is tailored to meet the demands of both businesses and environmentally conscious consumers alike. Featuring two versions of lithium iron phosphate batteries that offer ranges of 230 km and 300 km, this vehicle combines practicality with sustainability. Designed as a pure electric minivan, the Yangguang EV showcases a blend of robust exterior features, a utilitarian interior, and commendable performance capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a seamless transition to green transportation without compromising on functionality.


The Wuling Yangguang EV presents a bold statement in the realm of electric utility vehicles with its considerable dimensions of 4985x1800x1975 mm and a wheelbase of 3050 mm. This vehicle is specifically designed as an all-electric minivan, standing out with its conspicuous red Wuling logo, which is not just a design element but also cleverly conceals the charging port behind it. Standard features include LED headlights for both high and low beams, enhancing visibility and safety, while the comfort model further benefits from the addition of fog lights. The vehicle adopts a practical 2-seat layout with a closed-off cargo area, featuring barn-style rear doors, enhancing both functionality and accessibility.

Additionally, the Yangguang EV is offered in two color options: a distinctive Mountain Sea Blue Grey and a classic Polar White, allowing for personalization while maintaining a professional appearance.


Inside, the Wuling Yangguang EV prioritizes functionality and efficiency. A hard partition separates the front cabin from the rear cargo area, ensuring a focused driving environment. The cabin is equipped with two fabric seats, balancing comfort and durability. Standard interior features include dual electric windows, manual air conditioning, and an 8-inch entertainment screen on higher trims, providing essential comforts and convenience. Additionally, a 3.5-inch LCD instrument cluster and electric power steering are included, enhancing the driving experience. The closed-off cargo area is accessible through a right-side sliding door and rear barn doors, offering a spacious 6.5 cubic meters of volume and a maximum payload capacity of approximately 1.249 tons, making it highly capable for a variety of professional uses.


The heart of the Wuling Yangguang EV lies in its all-electric drivetrain, delivering a peak power of 60 kW (approximately 82 Ps) and a maximum torque of 220 Nm. This setup provides a modest top speed of 90 km/h, suitable for city driving and light commercial duties. The vehicle is available with two lithium iron phosphate battery options, with capacities of 31.9 kWh and 41.9 kWh, supporting estimated ranges of 230 km and 300 km, respectively. Fast charging capabilities allow for a 30-80% recharge in just half an hour, ensuring minimal downtime and increased productivity for its users.


The Wuling Yangguang EV stands as a testament to practicality and efficiency in the electric vehicle market, particularly for those in need of a versatile utility vehicle. Its robust exterior, functional interior, and reliable performance make it a compelling choice for businesses and professionals seeking an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution to their transportation needs. With its thoughtful design and capable performance, the Yangguang EV is set to make a significant impact on the electric utility vehicle segment.

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