Wuling Nano EV Review: Super small and cute EV!

Wuling Nano EV Review: Super small and cute EV!

The Wuling Nano EV has garnered significant attention as a new entrant in the electric vehicle market, positioning itself as a microcar with a price range of 56,800 to 66,800 RMB. This review will delve into the 2021 Play edition, officially priced at 56,800 RMB, focusing on its interior, exterior, and performance attributes.


The Wuling Nano EV is designed to be compact and cute, embodying a forward-looking aesthetic with its use of contrasting colors. The vehicle sports a small and fashionable appearance, with a black body accented by yellow lines that add a bold and stylish touch. The front features a closed design typical of electric vehicles, highlighted by a continuous light strip and the brand's logo, lending it a modern look. The headlight assembly is connected by silver lines, adding to its contemporary design, though it utilizes halogen light sources. Standard features include daytime running lights and headlight height adjustment, with the nighttime illumination being average.

From the side, the car showcases a fashionable and beautiful design, with a bold waistline that stretches from the front to the rear. Black window frames and bright yellow lower trim lines contribute to its stylish appearance. The simple car model, paired with a semi-floating roof design, offers a distinctive body recognition compared to most microcars in the market. As a 3-door, 2-seater hatchback, it measures 2497x1526x1616 mm (LxWxH) with a wheelbase of 1600 mm, providing nearly a fist and four fingers' worth of headroom for a 175 cm tall individual, indicating decent overall space.


The interior of the Wuling Nano EV features a black color scheme that contrasts sharply with the exterior, enhancing its fashionable appeal. The interior design is simple, fitting the car's pricing, with an irregularly shaped dashboard that aligns with the design trends of current electric vehicles. The semi-hidden design for the physical button area and the inclusion of two hooks underneath are notable features. However, the plastic steering wheel does not offer the most comfortable grip, and the fabric seats offer medium firmness, providing average seating comfort.


Powered by a pure electric motor producing a maximum of 33 horsepower, coupled with a single-speed transmission for electric vehicles, the Nano EV offers a pure electric range of 305 km on a 28 kWh battery. The motor delivers 24 kW of power and 85 N·m of torque, utilizing a lithium iron phosphate battery equipped with low-temperature heating capabilities. Although the overall power performance is modest, it is suitable for daily commutes and family outings, aligning with its price point.


The Wuling Nano EV stands out as a fashionable and practical option for urban commuting, offering a stylish exterior, a comfortable interior for its class, and sufficient range for daily needs. For those interested in a compact electric vehicle for city driving, the Nano EV deserves consideration. A visit to a Wuling 4S store for a firsthand experience is recommended to fully appreciate what this microcar has to offer.

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