Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION Review: 155km/h top speed, 84.8 kWh battery

Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION Review: 155km/h top speed, 84.8 kWh battery

The Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION is positioned as a pure electric mid-size sedan, featuring rear-wheel drive as a standard—a rarity among Volkswagen's lineup. It's positioned above the Passat/Magotan in the European market, with a starting price reflecting its premium status.

Platform and Chassis

The ID.7 is not a converted petrol model but one built on Volkswagen's Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB). The MEB platform is designed for electric vehicles and is employed in various models across Audi, Cupra, Skoda, and Volkswagen. With a body composition boasting 32% hot-formed steel and 81% high-strength steel, it matches independent brands in durability and safety, especially with its sandwich door sill structure protecting the battery pack in side impacts. Despite its strong body structure, the suspension system of the ID.7, consisting of the common front McPherson and rear multi-link structure, is seen as a shortcoming compared to its competitors.

Motor and Performance

Supported by the APP 310 electric motor, a permanent magnet brushless motor developed by Volkswagen, the ID.7 offers impressive torque of 310 Nm from low speeds. The standard rear-drive versions use the APP 310, but future models might include the more powerful APP 550 motor. The current models offer modest performance with a top speed of 155km/h and a range reflective of its 84.8kWh battery supplied by a joint venture between FAW and CATL.


The ID.7's interior is marked by Volkswagen's ID. series standard design, featuring a compact LCD instrument cluster and a large 15-inch central control screen. Enhanced user interaction is provided through the updated AR-HUD and ID. OS 2.0 system, which improves overall fluidity and user experience. The spacious cabin, particularly in the second row, is a result of a longer wheelbase than its Passat/Magotan cousins.


With dimensions of 4956mm in length, 1862mm in width, and 1537mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2965mm, the ID.7 provides a visually stable and robust design. The intelligent sunroof adds to the futuristic feel, allowing for adjustable transparency settings.

Driving Assistance and Safety

The ID.7 VIZZION comes standard with the Travel Assist 3.0, offering comprehensive driving aids like interactive lane change, ACC adaptive cruise control, and intelligent parking systems that can store up to 5 routes for common parking scenarios.


As Volkswagen's first sedan in the ID. series, the ID.7 rides on the mature MEB platform with its in-house developed motor and battery. However, its performance and range are considered average in the highly competitive market. It raises the question of whether the ID.7 can stand out in the crowd with its current offerings. While it brings solid Volkswagen engineering and design to the table, its success might hinge on more than just its technical merits. The discussion on whether it can break through the market's constraints is open to consumers and enthusiasts alike.

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