Smart #3 Review: 580km range SUV

Smart #3 Review: 580km range SUV

The Smart #3, 2024 Edition, arrives as a special 25th Anniversary Starry Sky Edition, designed to celebrate a quarter-century legacy of the Smart brand with a refreshed sense of vitality and a keen eye on the future. This new iteration, based on the premium model of its lineage, not only brings a more energetic design to the forefront but also does so at a more accessible price point, making a notable statement in the electric vehicle market. With subtle yet impactful enhancements to both its exterior and interior, alongside a performance setup that promises adequate daily usability, the 2024 Smart #3 embodies a blend of commemorative elegance and modern electric mobility. As we delve into the specifics of its interior features, exterior design, and performance capabilities, it becomes clear that this vehicle is Smart's attempt to balance heritage with innovation, aiming to captivate both long-time enthusiasts and new consumers alike.


The 2024 Smart #3, officially named the 25th Anniversary Starry Sky Edition, celebrates the brand's 25th anniversary with a design that's both lively and fresh compared to its predecessors. This edition builds on the Premium model of the Smart #3 while enhancing its design vibrancy. Notably, the vehicle maintains a familiar overall shape to previous models but introduces distinct details that elevate its recognition. The addition of a “25 ANNIVERSARY EDITION” badge and a sporty red kit, including red and black exterior mirrors, enhances its visual appeal. The front fascia features a large black grille with a honeycomb structure, contributing to a more imposing appearance. The side profile softens with a sharp, starlight canopy, ensuring ample lighting inside, and red decorative elements alongside the skirts improve aesthetics further. The compact yet stately stance is achieved with a body length of 4400mm and a wheelbase of 2785mm. The rear design is simple with continuous tail light design and rounded off with red decorative strips and black elements, adding to the car's refined look.


Inside, the 2024 Smart #3 continues the 25th anniversary theme with corresponding badges and utilizes red trim pieces to accentuate a sporty vibe against the black and white interior design. Despite these updates, the interior design largely mirrors that of older models, featuring a 9.2-inch all-digital instrument cluster and a 12.8-inch central control screen. Additional features like steering wheel heating and ventilated front seats are included, offering moderate luxury given its price point. These practical features contribute to the vehicle's overall comfort and usability.


The 2024 Smart #3 is powered by a rear-mounted single electric motor with rear-wheel drive, a setup that's likely to appeal to enthusiasts who favor handling. The motor delivers a maximum output of 200kW and a peak torque of 343N·m, providing adequate daily driving capabilities without excelling in power. It's equipped with a 66kWh ternary lithium battery pack, achieving a pure electric range of 580km, which does not particularly stand out in its segment. This aspect reflects the broader challenge Smart faces in appealing to a wider audience, with its price point and electric range not meeting the expectations of most consumers, contributing to its modest sales performance.


The 2024 Smart #3 makes a statement with its anniversary edition, offering enhancements in design and a nod to the brand's heritage. While it scores well in terms of design and interior features, its performance in terms of power and electric range is adequate but not exceptional. The vehicle represents a blend of luxury and practicality, but its value proposition is hampered by its pricing and electric range, limiting its appeal in a competitive electric vehicle market.

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