Skyworth EV6 Review: 520km range, 30%-80% in 7.5 mins

Skyworth EV6 Review: 520km range, 30%-80% in 7.5 mins

The Skyworth EV6 marks a notable presence in the electric vehicle market, blending contemporary design with cutting-edge technology and performance. This comprehensive review covers the vehicle's interior, exterior, and performance attributes, offering a glimpse into what sets the Skyworth EV6 apart.


The design of the Skyworth EV6 continues the legacy of its predecessor, adopting a modern aesthetic that captivates at first glance. The front fascia is characterized by a closed grille design, a trend that signifies the vehicle's electric nature. Adding to its distinctive look are L-shaped metal color decorative strips on both sides of the bumper, enhancing the vehicle's recognition. The EV6 measures 4720 mm in length, 1908 mm in width, and 1696 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2800 mm, providing a substantial presence on the road. At the rear, the EV6 features a through-type tail light assembly, centered with the brand's logo in English, offering a sleek and recognizable appearance from all angles.


Inside, the Skyworth EV6 II elevates the driving experience with a fashionable dual-tone interior, incorporating a flat-bottom steering wheel and a floating screen that contribute to the cabin's modern ambiance. Highlighting its luxury, the top-spec President Edition boasts marble-patterned decorative panels on the dashboard. The EV6 II's interior design reflects current trends with its dual-color scheme, enhancing both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

In terms of features, the EV6 II comes well-equipped across its range. Standard features include automatic parking, tire pressure monitoring, cruise control, a reversing camera, automatic headlights, keyless start, remote start, and rear air conditioning vents. Higher-spec models add amenities such as sleep seats, V2L discharge mode, wireless charging for smartphones, a 9-speaker sound system, memory rearview mirrors, and a sensor-activated electric tailgate, among others, ensuring a comfortable and convenient driving experience.


All variants of the Skyworth EV6 II are front-wheel drive, powered by a front-mounted single electric motor. This motor delivers a maximum power of 150 kW and a peak torque of 320 Nm, offering spirited performance. The entry-level model is equipped with a 54.75 kWh battery pack, achieving a CLTC range of 430 km, while the other models feature a 65.71 kWh battery, extending the range to 520 km under CLTC conditions. Notably, charging the battery from 30% to 80% takes only 7.5 minutes, showcasing the vehicle's fast-charging capabilities.


The Skyworth EV6 stands out for its stylish exterior, luxurious and feature-rich interior, and commendable performance. Its design embraces the latest trends while ensuring functionality and efficiency. The EV6's performance metrics, particularly its range and fast charging capabilities, position it as a competitive player in the electric vehicle segment. Whether for city commuting or longer journeys, the Skyworth EV6 offers a compelling package for those seeking to transition to electric mobility without compromising on style or comfort.

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