SAIC Roewe Clever EV Review: 311km mini EV

SAIC Roewe Clever EV Review: 311km mini EV

The SAIC Roewe Clever 2022 model, specifically the 311km "Yuanqi Bobo" version, presents an intriguing option for those interested in the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market. Below is a comprehensive review covering the interior, exterior, and performance aspects of this vehicle, based on the provided account.


The exterior design of the SAIC Roewe Clever 2022 "Yuanqi Bobo" edition exudes a youthful and fashionable vibe, aptly capturing a sense of vigor and energy. With dimensions measuring 3140mm in length, 1648mm in width, and 1531mm in height, coupled with a wheelbase of 2000mm, it falls into the compact car category. This model is a 3-door, 4-seater hatchback, making it a suitable choice for city driving and easy parking.

The vehicle sports tires sized 175/60 R13 for both front and rear wheels. It incorporates solid disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear, a combination that balances cost and performance for a car in its segment.


The interior of the SAIC Roewe Clever is designed with simplicity and style in mind. The steering wheel is made of plastic, which might not appeal to everyone but is expected in vehicles within this price range. The car's interior space is designed for comfort, with seats that offer good support and wrap-around feel, enhancing the driving and passenger experience.

Functionality and practicality are evident throughout the interior, with features and configurations that enrich the driver's experience without overwhelming with unnecessary complexity. This focus on essential comforts and utilities speaks to a well-considered design philosophy aimed at the vehicle's target market.


Powered by an electric motor with a total power output of 33kW and a torque of 100N·m, the vehicle is paired with a 29kWh ternary lithium battery. This setup allows for a charging time of 5.5 hours for a slow charge, with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China rating its pure electric range at 311km. The vehicle's acceleration from 0 to 50km/h is achieved in 6 seconds, with a top speed of 100km/h, which is suitable for urban and suburban driving conditions.

The vehicle features a quick charge port conveniently located behind the front logo, adopting a front-wheel drive system. The front suspension is a McPherson independent type, while the rear utilizes a torsion beam non-independent suspension, balancing ride comfort and handling. The steering is electrically assisted, ensuring a lighter feel at lower speeds and more feedback at higher speeds. The car's structure is of a unibody design, contributing to its overall rigidity and safety.

Price and Final Thoughts

Priced officially at 67,999 yuan, the SAIC Roewe Clever 2022 "Yuanqi Bobo" edition positions itself as an accessible option for those looking to enter the electric vehicle market without breaking the bank. Its combination of youthful design, practical interiors, and decent performance metrics makes it a compelling choice for urban commuters and environmentally conscious drivers.

The future of the automotive industry, particularly in enhancing user experience, likely lies in further improving energy efficiency, driving range, and interior comfort, alongside integrating advanced technologies for safety and entertainment. The SAIC Roewe Clever is a step in the right direction, embodying an approach that balances affordability with the growing demand for cleaner, more sustainable modes of transportation.

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