NETA U Review: 163hp, 400km range EV

NETA U Review: 163hp, 400km range EV

In recent years, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has brought a plethora of brands to the forefront. Among them, NETA Automotive has been gaining significant attention with its robust growth and impressive sales figures across various models. Today, we delve into the NETA U, a compact SUV that has been particularly in the spotlight, to assess its capabilities and features.


The NETA U, being a compact SUV, showcases a commendable design with a strong sense of style. Its front face is layered, featuring a through-type headlamp that connects daytime running lights and LED headlights, topped with the recognizable NETA Automotive logo. Below, the blackened middle grille adds a touch of sportiness.

On the side, the design is highlighted by multiple waistlines, with a rising line running from the front door to the rear, complemented by a black floating roof and lower black decorative panels. This combination lends the vehicle a dynamic and athletic appearance.

The rear of the NETA U is marked by a prominent tail wing and a through-type tail lamp, mirroring the front design. The logo placement enhances the vehicle's distinctiveness, while the lower black surround maintains the overall sporty vibe.


With dimensions measuring 4549x1860x1628mm and a wheelbase of 2770mm, the NETA U offers a spacious interior within its 5-door, 5-seat SUV structure. A test by a 175cm tall individual revealed ample legroom (about one fist and three fingers’ distance) and nearly two fists’ worth of headroom, which is quite generous for a compact SUV.

The interior design features a predominantly black color scheme, with a traditional dual-screen 8-inch central control screen layout. The dashboard, wrapped in leather with stitching, enhances the overall quality feel. The flat-bottomed, multi-functional leather steering wheel is designed for comfort during long drives, and the through-type air vent design adds a touch of modernity. The use of materials and overall interior design of the NETA U is commendable.


Powered by a pure electric motor with a maximum output of 163 horsepower (120kW) and a peak torque of 210N·m, the NETA U is equipped with a single-speed gearbox designed for electric vehicles. It boasts an impressive pure electric range of 400km, with a battery capacity of 54.34kWh. The vehicle supports fast charging (0.5 hours) and slow charging (7 hours), making it more than adequate for daily commutes and city driving.

Overall Impression

NETA U stands out with its fashionable exterior design and sufficient space for everyday use. Its 400km range caters well to daily commuting needs. Priced from 118,800 yuan, its cost-effectiveness is further enhanced. This shows NETA's thoughtful market strategy and focus on providing value. Prospective buyers interested in the NETA U should consider a test drive to experience its capabilities firsthand.

In conclusion, NETA U is an impressive entry in the compact SUV segment, offering a blend of style, space, and sufficient performance for everyday driving, all at a competitive price point.

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