NETA GT Review: Affordable Electric Sports Car

NETA GT Review: Affordable Electric Sports Car

When it comes to cars that captivate young consumers, sports cars usually take the spotlight. However, given the previous limitations of domestic automakers in engine technology during the era of internal combustion engines, creating a high-performance sports car was quite a challenge. This situation has evolved in the era of electric vehicles, with various car manufacturers leveraging advanced technology to introduce their own affordable electric sports cars. Today, we introduce you to the NETA GT, a budget-friendly electric sports car with four models.

Sporty Exterior Design

The NETA GT knows that high aesthetics are key to sports cars. Its design incorporates dynamic elements, creating a striking sporty appearance. The low-slung front end with contoured wheel arches, prominent angular LED headlights, and a bold closed grille with massive air intakes give the car an aggressive and athletic stance. The overall design includes modern features that appeal to the young at heart.

Impressive Performance

The NETA GT offers both two-wheel-drive (2WD) and four-wheel-drive (4WD) models. The 2WD version provides 231 horsepower and 310 Nm of torque, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 6.7 seconds. The 4WD version, on the other hand, is where the real speed lies. With 462 horsepower, 620 Nm of torque, and a blistering 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of 3.7 seconds, it delivers a thrilling driving experience. The rapid and immediate power delivery of the 4WD version is akin to what you'd expect from traditional petrol-powered sports cars.

Precision Handling

The car's structure with double-wishbone and multi-link suspensions offers a robust platform for enthusiastic driving. With its relatively firm suspension, it delivers excellent lateral support, ensuring confidence even during spirited driving without excessive body roll. The steering feels light yet maintains precise and responsive control. The result is an elegant driving experience that inspires confidence even during tight turns.

Tech-Savvy Interior

Inside, the NETA GT's cabin embraces a minimalist and tech-savvy design philosophy. The dashboard boasts a clean and uncluttered layout, with an airflow vent separating the upper and lower sections, adding depth to the design. The cabin features premium leather upholstery with double-stitched edges, complemented by carbon fiber trim, creating a dynamic and luxurious ambiance. The center console proudly displays a 17.6-inch vertical touchscreen, and a compact digital instrument cluster provides comprehensive vehicle information.

The vehicle features a powerful Qualcomm 8155 chip, ensuring smooth operation of the NETA SPACE infotainment system. The user-friendly UI layout on the spacious screen offers access to GPS, multimedia, vehicle connectivity, and a range of convenient applications. With options ranging from the Lite version to more advanced models, most versions feature dual Horizon Line journey 3 chips. Combined with the NETA PILOT driving assistance system, the car offers comprehensive Level 2 functionality, enhancing safety during daily driving.

Spacious and Practical

With dimensions measuring 4715 x 1979 x 1415mm and a 2770mm wheelbase, the NETA GT accommodates a 2-door, 4-passenger layout. The rear seats provide relatively spacious seating, maintaining practicality for daily use. However, the sloping roofline may limit headroom for taller passengers. The one-piece front seats are designed for comfort and provide heating and ventilation features, offering an enhanced riding experience.

In Conclusion

The NETA GT allows young consumers to realize their dream of owning an affordable sports car. With its striking design, tech-savvy cabin, and spirited 4WD performance, it checks many boxes for those with a need for speed and style. Are you tempted by the NETA GT?

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