MG Cyberster Review: A Pioneering Electric Convertible Blazing Through Performance and Style

MG Cyberster Review: A Pioneering Electric Convertible Blazing Through Performance and Style


The design of the MG Cyberster may not be revolutionary, with headlights that could be improved, reminiscent of the pre-facelift BMW Z4. However, its front diffuser and lip are aerodynamically optimized, though they might not blend as seamlessly as those on the Toyota GR Supra. The double-door structure and bodywork also aim to break through against competitors like the BMW 2 Series Convertible. The car's engine bay is proportionally longer, with a striking downward stance inspired by supercars like the Ferrari 488, giving it a distinctive and aggressive appearance. The tail features a unique wraparound light structure and an unusually styled rear diffuser, which may not appeal to everyone but is welcomed in the niche market for convertibles with bold character.


In terms of size, the MG Cyberster's dimensions (4535/1913/1329mm with a wheelbase of 2690mm) are slightly larger than typical fuel-powered sports cars in its class. The two-seater layout with plush sports seats provides comfort without compromising the car's leisurely spatial design. The interior abounds with smart and fun features appropriate for a leisure sports car, such as frameless electric scissor doors and a tilted main driving cockpit that exudes an aggressive vibe. A three-spoke steering wheel, high-positioned electronic button shifter, and a “3+1” LCD screen setup support the enveloping feel and sporty controls, with the latter featuring dual 7.0+10.25-inch LCD screens. Additional 7.0-inch touchscreens to the right of these provide a comprehensive infotainment hardware layout without distracting the driver.

Chassis and Handling

The MG Cyberster's chassis features a front double-wishbone and multi-link independent suspension system, tuned with input from F1 championship team engineers. Along with the XDS dynamic cornering control system and available Brembo four-piston high-performance brake calipers with Continental braking systems, the Cyberster's handling is not supercar level but certainly competes in the higher segment of the market.


The MG Cyberster is not just an electric sports car; it's a pioneering soft-top convertible from a domestic manufacturer, and as a fully electric vehicle, it's a leader on a global scale. The Cyberster is available with three powertrain specifications, all rear-wheel drive with single-motor configurations of 231kW and 250kW, both delivering a torque of 475Nm. This power variety is designed to maintain high performance across different battery capacities, achieving a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.9 seconds with ranges of 501km and 580km. The all-wheel-drive version, with dual motors, boasts 400kW of power and 725Nm of torque, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, outpacing competitors like the Audi RS e-tron GT.

Details and Technology

The steering wheel incorporates driving mode selection paddles and a red super sports driving mode button, with soft-top controls neatly positioned below the shifting mechanism. Climate controls are arranged as touch strips below the central vents. The MG Cyberster runs on a Zebra·Cyber OS infotainment system supported by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, with features such as voice-controlled air conditioning, window controls, and phone app control for doors. Despite the small screen sizes, their function-specific displays and partitioned combination for full-view imaging are arguably more practical than a single large integrated screen. The Cyberster also supports L2-level assisted driving, with features like lane assistance and lane-keeping starting to become standard, enhancing the safety of the driving experience.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the high praise for this electric convertible sports car, the MG Cyberster, crafted by SAIC Motor's MG brand, is unlikely to be a bestseller. Even with a competitive entry price, it faces market resistance.

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