Maxus MIFA 9 2024 Review: Pure Electric Large MPV

Maxus MIFA 9 2024 Review: Pure Electric Large MPV

The Maxus MIFA 9 2024 edition has launched with two purchasing options: outright vehicle purchase and a battery lease program.


Externally, this pure electric large MPV impresses with its dimensions (5270/2000/1840mm) and a wheelbase of 3200mm, suggesting a design that is both robust and stately. It maintains the styling cues of its predecessor, balancing between family and business use. The front does not feature a fully enclosed design, keeping an intake-like structure. The side profile is full and rounded, equipped with dual sliding doors, while the rear boasts a through-type taillight and high-position brake light, offering high visibility when lit. The addition of a new Ice Emerald Green body color, 19-inch luxurious fifteen-spoke wheels, and a mysterious metallic powder color option enhances the car's refractive index, enriching the color and elevating the overall presence of the vehicle.


Inside, the MIFA 9 sports a triple screen setup (10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel, 12.3-inch central control screen, and 12.3-inch co-driver entertainment screen) with smart connectivity including 5G, voice activation, and fast response to commands. The cabin space is efficiently designed with a floating center armrest and gear mechanism that do not compromise storage or seating space. The vehicle also prioritizes a quiet interior environment, featuring windows with PVB polymer acoustic interlayers to block external noise, enhanced sound insulation around key areas like the pillars, and acoustic wraps in multiple locations to improve overall silence in the cabin.


Performance-wise, all models are equipped with a front-mounted electric motor producing a maximum power of 180kW and peak torque of 350Nm, and support a 6.6kW external discharge function, handy for camping trips. Maxus collaborates with Jetour Smart Energy to offer a battery swapping service EBS, utilizing a vast network of refueling stations, enabling a battery swap in as little as 2 minutes and 30 seconds. An optional 11kW charging pile can be fitted for more powerful slow charging to meet everyday needs. However, the model's range is somewhat average, offering CLTC ranges of 480km, 560km, and 540km, which is less competitive compared to other models in its class.


Overall, the Maxus MIFA 9 presents an undeniable value for money. While changes to the exterior and interior are minimal, the upgrade to support battery swapping and a reduction in price compared to the older models boost its market competitiveness. Despite average range performance, it meets daily usage needs comfortably, fulfilling the mission of an MPV with good looks and a comfortable ride, making it a model to watch in the future.

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