IM L7 Review: 675km range, 0-100km/h in 3.7s

IM L7 Review: 675km range, 0-100km/h in 3.7s

As the automotive market evolves with the advent of 2024, the luxury electric vehicle (EV) segment has seen a significant uptick in interest, particularly among affluent buyers. Among the contenders, IM L7 by IM Motors stands out as a noteworthy entry, especially when juxtaposed against rivals like NIO's ET7. This review delves into the IM L7, focusing on its interior, exterior, and performance aspects, to provide a holistic view of what this high-end electric sedan has to offer.


The IM L7 embodies a sleek and modern design ethos, catering to the aesthetic preferences of contemporary consumers. Its silhouette is a harmonious blend of elegance and aerodynamic efficiency, crucial for optimizing range and performance in electric vehicles. The use of high-strength steel in its construction not only contributes to a robust and durable frame but also enhances safety. Further safety is ensured by the incorporation of advanced features like reinforced top beams, high-strength crash bars, and sturdy bumpers, all designed to provide maximum protection to occupants.


Inside, the IM L7 is a sanctuary of luxury and technology. It is equipped with a mature and sophisticated IM AD smart driving assistance system, boasting features such as lane-changing assistance, large vehicle avoidance, sharp curve handling, and automatic parking. These features not only augment driving convenience but also enhance safety, making the IM L7 a paragon of modern automotive luxury and technology.

Performance Capabilities

The IM L7 isn't just about looks and luxury; it's a powerhouse on the road. The high-performance Snake Performance variant is a testament to IM Motors' commitment to delivering exhilarating driving experiences. With a formidable 445kW of maximum output power and 730N·m of peak torque, this model can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.7 seconds. Such performance is complemented by expert chassis tuning by the WAE Williams Advanced Engineering team, equipped with high-performance sports kits for an unparalleled driving experience.

The vehicle's high-performance braking system, featuring lightweight forged aluminum wheels, Michelin sports tires, and a 6-piston brake system with Endless racing-grade high-performance brake pads, ensures not just rapid acceleration but also equally impressive deceleration capabilities, enhancing safety through superior control.

Safety Features

Safety in the IM L7 is a paramount concern, addressed through various high-end features. The vehicle's advanced braking system, coupled with its high-strength construction and multiple safety designs, ensures a secure environment for its occupants, allowing for peace of mind even under extreme driving conditions.

Range and Efficiency

The IM L7 offers impressive range options, with the Elite variant boasting up to 675 km of pure electric range, while other versions offer a 615 km range. This makes the IM L7 a practical choice for both daily commutes and longer journeys, ensuring that range anxiety is a thing of the past for its owners.

Market Outlook

Despite its myriad strengths, the IM L7 faces challenges in market acceptance. Its exceptional product quality is undeniable, yet it seeks a "flow code" to unlock broader market recognition and acceptance. The year 2024 could be pivotal for the IM L7, as it aims to carve out a significant presence in the competitive luxury EV market.


The IM L7 by IM Motors is a compelling package, offering a blend of luxury, performance, and safety that stands out in the high-end electric vehicle segment. While it competes in a market filled with formidable rivals, its unique selling points, particularly in smart driving assistance and high-performance capabilities, position it as a noteworthy option for discerning buyers. As it strives to enhance its market footprint in 2024, the IM L7 represents a promising choice for those seeking the pinnacle of electric automotive innovation and luxury.

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