Hyper HT Review: 770km range, 250kW power

Hyper HT Review: 770km range, 250kW power

In recent years, the surge in electric vehicles, especially in the high-end market, has been significant. GAC Aeon's Hyper brand, despite having models like SSR and GT, recognized a gap in the high-end SUV market and introduced the Hyper HT. This marks its official entry into the SUV market, offering a competitive starting price.


The Hyper HT features a simplistic yet robust front facade, with a closed grille flanked by LED lights resembling fangs, creating a sharp visual effect. The headlights, known as the "Jewel Box," boast a high recognition value due to their gem-cutting inspired design. The side profile is sleek, with a significant sloping back design emphasizing a sporty demeanor, while the rear showcases elongated through-type tail lights, adding to the minimalistic yet stylish design. Wheel options vary across models, with sizes ranging from 19 inches to 20 inches and distinct designs like rotor, frost blade, and Xuanjia wheels.


Inside, the Hyper HT adopts a family-style design that's simplistic and modern. The steering wheel features a unique flat-top and bottom design with conveniently placed rollers and buttons. A prominent 14.6-inch 2.5K HD touchscreen dominates the dashboard, integrated with the ADiGO 5.0 intelligent vehicle system, offering functionalities like quad-zone voice recognition and vehicle networking. The system is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, ensuring responsive performance.


The Hyper HT's electric motors come in two main configurations, offering total powers of 180kW and 250kW and torques of 355N·m and 430N·m respectively. Depending on the model, the CLTC pure electric range varies from 550km to 770km, addressing various needs for distance and performance.

Model Variants and Recommendations

The base model 600 Rear Drive Technology Edition is highlighted for its rich configuration, catering to convenience with features like sensor-based trunk opening, keyless entry for the front row, and automatic headlights. Despite being the entry-level option, it maintains a high standard of primary and passive safety features on par with higher-tier models. Considering the price to performance ratio, especially with a 600km range on the base model, it's recommended for most families. Higher-end models offer additional luxuries such as automatic parking, remote parking, and high-speed autonomous driving assistance, which, while beneficial, may not justify the price difference for everyday city driving.


The Hyper HT emerges as a compelling entry in the high-end SUV segment of new energy vehicles, balancing performance, style, and technology. With its variety of models, competitive pricing, and a focus on both interior and exterior quality, it stands as a strong contender for those looking to transition to electric vehicles without compromising luxury and performance. Whether opting for the base model or considering higher-tier options, the Hyper HT offers a range of choices to suit different needs and preferences.

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