Geely Geometry E Firefly EV Review: 401km range

Geely Geometry E Firefly EV Review: 401km range

In the rapidly evolving automotive landscape, where electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly prevalent, the Geely Geometry E Firefly stands out as a compelling option for consumers seeking a compact, stylish, and functional electric SUV. Amidst a market that's becoming more competitive and price-sensitive, this small but mighty vehicle offers a blend of modern aesthetics, advanced technology, and efficient performance that aims to meet the daily needs of urban commuters and environmentally conscious families alike. With its attractive design, smart interior features, and commendable electric range, the Geometry E Firefly represents Geely's endeavor to combine affordability with innovation, making the transition to electric mobility accessible and appealing to a broader audience.


The Geely Geometry E Firefly, a compact SUV, impresses with its modern and aesthetically pleasing design. The vehicle boasts a fashionable appearance, featuring a sleek, through-type headlight that adds a touch of elegance and length to the front face. The car's sides are neatly organized, with distinct creases along the doors and a flat eyebrow line, enhancing its visual appeal. The use of a thick black protective board at the bottom contributes to its robust look. The rear spoiler is prominently high, complemented by uniquely shaped taillights that give off a somewhat melancholic expression, adding character to the vehicle.


Inside, the Geely Geometry E Firefly doesn't disappoint. The dual-screen setup offers a clear display of information, surrounded by a circle of silver chrome trim that lends a youthful vibe to the cabin. The steering wheel is adorned with a glossy black trim, elevating the sense of luxury. The shift area is kept minimalistic, eschewing a tall gear stick for a cleaner look that enhances the perception of space. Seats are supportive, with stitching that not only adds to the aesthetics but also to the overall comfort and support for the occupants.

Performance and Features

Despite its designation as a small utility vehicle, the Geometry E Firefly comes equipped with all the necessary features. It supports remote start via a mobile app, allowing users to pre-condition the car to a comfortable temperature before even entering it. This app also alleviates worries about forgetting to lock the car by providing real-time status updates. Additionally, the vehicle offers smart charging management, enabling users to schedule charging sessions during off-peak hours to save on electricity costs.

The compact dimensions of the vehicle, measuring 4006mm in length, 1765mm in width, and 1550mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2485mm, are sufficient for daily needs. It is powered by a front-mounted single electric motor, delivering a total power of 60kW and a torque of 130N·m. The CLTC pure electric range is claimed to be between 301km and 401km, with a full slow charge taking approximately 6 hours, ensuring the vehicle is ready for a day's commute.


The Geely Geometry E Firefly is relatively affordable. However, when compared to competitors like the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV in terms of configurations and range, it might fall slightly short, indicating a potential gap in competitiveness. Despite this, its stylish design, practical interior, and smart features make it a considerable option for families looking to add a compact electric vehicle to their garage.

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