Dongfeng M-Hero 917 Review: BYD Yangwang U9 Competitor

Dongfeng M-Hero 917 Review: BYD Yangwang U9 Competitor

The Dongfeng M-Hero 917 emerges as a formidable contender in the luxury electric SUV segment, significantly influenced by the introduction of full-size all-electric SUVs like the U9. This review delves into the Dongfeng M-Hero 917, focusing on its interior, exterior, and performance features, translating and expanding on the provided account.


The Dongfeng M-Hero 917 inherits its aesthetic lineage from Dongfeng's military vehicles, exuding a rugged charm. However, it distinguishes itself with more intricate body panel changes, unique front and rear light assemblies, and a wide-body chassis equipped with off-road armor, presenting a more avant-garde appearance than its military predecessors. The vehicle's dimensions are impressive, boasting a length, width, and height of 4987mm, 2080mm, and 1935mm, respectively. These proportions, combined with a 2950mm wheelbase, not only enhance its commanding presence but also ensure ample interior space and comfort.

Interior Luxury and Technology

Inside, the M-Hero 917 might not highlight its cockpit as the primary advantage, yet it excels in smart entertainment specifications with a high-tech suite including 5G network communication, gigabit ethernet, and a six-screen linkage system (a 12.3-inch digital dashboard, a 12.3-inch co-driver entertainment screen, a 15.6-inch central control screen, an 8.0-inch rear entertainment screen, a streaming media interior rearview mirror, and a HUD). Despite its focus on a mechanical feel in the central control layout and design, it caters to the aesthetic preferences of business professionals and middle-aged consumers with abundant use of metal decorative materials, regular structure molding of the dashboard, full leather steering wheel, perforated leather-covered electronic gear lever, and extensive use of real wood materials.

The M-Hero 917 integrates third-party ecosystem applications such as WeChat, Tencent Video, and Quanmin K Song, and supports vehicle scenario mode adjustment for a synchronized system response. Advanced driving aids include multi-scenario automatic parking, automatic lane change assistance, and high-speed pilot driving assistance.

Comfort and Features

For comfort, both front and rear seats offer multi-directional electric adjustments with heating, ventilation, massage functions, and dual-zone heat pump air conditioning, maintaining a high level of overall comfort. The inclusion of a 16-speaker Danaher sound system, front wireless charging pad, 220V+12V power supply, and a segmented electric sunroof enhances the driving experience. Additional off-road adventure and utility are provided by two extra expansion kits and an intelligent drone system, offering auxiliary lighting, rooftop cargo solutions, and a professional-grade drone with a gimbal and convenient backpack.

Performance and Drive

The M-Hero 917 boasts a quad-motor setup similar to the U9, delivering a maximum power of 800kW (1088Ps) and a maximum torque of 1400N·m, achieving 0-100km/h acceleration in 4.2 seconds. Its 142.7kWh battery from CATL offers a 505km CLTC pure electric range, with a rapid charging time of approximately 0.78 hours. An extended-range version features a 1.5T range extender and three motors, providing 600kW (816Ps) and 1050N·m, with a 200km CLTC pure electric range and a combined range of 1026km, making it more suited for off-road and varied terrain driving.

The vehicle's chassis ensures rigidity with a non-load-bearing structure, while front and rear double wishbone independent suspension, standardized CDC continuous damping adjustable vibration system, and air suspension system enhance comfort. The inclusion of a lockable central differential, front and rear axle differential locks, and a water sensing system improve off-road capability, alongside an overall active steering system for agile handling similar to passenger cars.


The M-Hero 917 is set to offer not only high efficiency, performance, and strong off-road capability but also superior intelligent interaction features. This partnership is poised to enhance the luxury off-road driving experience, blending luxury comfort with the thrill of off-road adventures, making the Dongfeng M-Hero 917 a standout choice for those seeking a blend of luxury and performance in their electric SUV.

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