Dongfeng EX1 Review: Excellent for Routine Commutes

Dongfeng EX1 Review: Excellent for Routine Commutes

The Dongfeng EX1, a small EV, has been designed to cater to the daily commuting needs with its practicality, especially for short distances. Let's delve into the 2023 Dongfeng EX1 PRO Lightweight Edition Lightning model for a comprehensive review of its static performance.


The Dongfeng EX1 features a fusion of traditional fuel vehicle characteristics with a simple yet imposing style. The front grille boasts a split design with the upper section closed off, elegantly connecting the headlights with a delicate trim bar. These headlights are round and full, adding a vibrant touch to the front. The segmented lower air intake contributes to the vehicle's distinctive front profile.

Along the sides, the design maintains simplicity and utility, accentuated by black trim for a more fashionable look. At the rear, smoked taillights and metal trim on the lower doors further highlight the vehicle's stylishness.


Inside, the EX1's interior resembles that of fuel vehicles from a few years ago but with significantly fewer physical buttons, aligning with modern design trends. The red and black interior provides an appealing visual experience. However, the plastic three-spoke steering wheel offers an average grip, which may not satisfy those particular about the tactile experience.


Dimension-wise, the EX1 measures 3732x1579x1515mm with a wheelbase of 2423mm, positioning it as a small SUV. Its space is adequate for daily commutes, but as a primary family vehicle, the rear space may feel cramped, especially legroom. The seat padding is on the harder side, and the angle of the backrest is not ergonomically friendly, which could lead to discomfort during long rides.


Powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the EX1 delivers a maximum power of 33 kW and a torque of 125 Nm. It's equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery, ensuring a range of 201 km. Additionally, the vehicle supports fast charging.

Overall Evaluation

The Dongfeng EX1 excels in daily commuting. However, its limited space and power might not meet diverse needs, particularly for those requiring their first family car or those who prioritize advanced smart features. The vehicle is more suitable for routine commutes rather than catering to a wide array of requirements.

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