Deepal SL03 EV Review: 0-100 km/h in 7.5s

Deepal SL03 EV Review: 0-100 km/h in 7.5s

The Deepal SL03, as a contender in the new energy vehicle market, has quickly captured the attention of consumers, shifting focus away from traditional mid-size cars like the Camry and Accord. With over 100,000 units delivered since its launch in July 2022, the SL03's appeal lies in its blend of aesthetics, performance, and affordability, especially appealing to a younger demographic.


The Deepal SL03 boasts a design that resonates well with young consumers. Its front fascia is simplistic yet atmospheric, highlighted by distinctive LED daytime running lights. The angular panels and surrounds underscore its sporty positioning, complemented by a front lip spoiler and rear spoiler that add to its dynamic performance feel.

From the side, the SL03 presents a dynamic posture with its lower front and higher rear body. Chrome side skirts and 19-inch alloy wheels with a silver-black Y-shaped design further enhance its bold appearance. The introduction of new side skirts and sporty wheels in newer models elevates its sporty stance.

At the rear, the SL03 features a through-type tail light with petal-like light sources on both sides, enhancing its recognizability and ensuring a high rate of second glances. This design element not only augments its sporty credentials but also adds a level of prestige when visiting relatives or friends during festive seasons.


The SL03's interior is marked by a minimalist approach, with almost all functionalities integrated into a 14.6-inch high-definition touchscreen. Powered by the Qualcomm 8155 automotive chip, it ensures seamless performance even under high demand. The vehicle is equipped with a plethora of driving aids such as transparent imaging, full-speed adaptive cruise control, door opening warning, and lane-keeping assistance, making driving more confident and stable for novices.

Smart driving assistance features include valet parking assistance, trace-back reversing aid, remote intelligent parking, and efficient parking solutions. Additional supports like smart ramp assistance, traffic congestion aid, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and lane-keeping assist enhance safety during high-speed cruising.

The seats, styled in a sporty design and made of faux leather, support multi-directional electric adjustments for both driver and passenger. The vehicle also comes with a range of comfort features including an electric tailgate, engine immobilizer, central locking, remote keyless entry, head-up display, augmented reality, dashcam, wireless phone charging, and a 40W wireless phone charging capability.


Under the hood, the SL03 is powered by a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine serving as a range extender, paired with a rear-mounted electric motor. This setup allows for a swift 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 7.5 seconds. The vehicle uses a lithium iron phosphate battery, supporting quick charging that offers a pure electric range of 200 km and a combined range of up to 1200 km. This makes it suitable for daily commutes, requiring charging only once a week for short distances. Despite its quiet operation during normal conditions, the range extender's noise becomes noticeable when activated at low battery levels, a common characteristic among vehicles of its class but noted to be more refined in competitors like the Leapmotor C01.

In summary, the Deepal SL03 caters well to the aesthetic and financial considerations of younger buyers, offering a compelling package of design, technology, and performance at a competitive price point. With ongoing promotions and incentives, the SL03 aims to lower the barrier to entry for potential buyers, promising continued sales growth. This vehicle is certainly worth considering for those with a budget around 150,000 RMB, especially with its attractive price-performance ratio and the manufacturer's commitment to reducing ownership costs.

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