Dayun Yuehu EV Review: 300km range, 0.9 hours fast charging

Dayun Yuehu EV Review: 300km range, 0.9 hours fast charging

Dayun Yuehu is a pure electric compact SUV that enters the automotive scene amidst the increasing maturity of EV technologies and the ever-rising fuel prices. As electric vehicles gain popularity, especially among commuters and female drivers, the Dayun Yuehu presents itself as a compelling option for those seeking eco-friendly transportation solutions. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into its interior, exterior, and performance aspects to gauge its overall appeal.


The exterior design of the Dayun Yuehu exudes a distinct personality, albeit with a touch of uniqueness. Particularly, the front fascia may appear unconventional at first glance, yet it manages to captivate attention. Beneath the front faceplate lies the charging port, accompanied by a split-type lighting assembly with smoked lamp covers. The compact dimensions of 369516851598mm, with a wheelbase of 2410mm, contribute to its agile stance. Sporting black wheel arches and side skirts, along with 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, the Yuehu exudes a sporty demeanor within its segment. The rear end is characterized by its substantial presence, accentuated by a black spoiler atop the roof and sleek black accents around the rear window.


Moving inside, the interior of the Dayun Yuehu adopts a simple layout, albeit lacking the trendy elements favored by younger demographics. The center console is straightforward, featuring an electronic rotary shift mechanism. Standard features include an 8-inch infotainment screen, rear parking sensors, backup camera, driving mode selection, hill-start assist, keyless entry and start, remote start, battery preheating, low-speed driving warning, power windows, manual air conditioning, dual front airbags, tire pressure monitoring, among others. While the infotainment system may not be the most advanced in its class, it offers practical functionality for daily use.

Space and Comfort

The Dayun Yuehu accommodates five occupants across five doors, providing a reasonable amount of space considering its size and segment. Even with a height of 1.72 meters, rear passengers won't feel cramped or claustrophobic. The rear seats can be folded down to expand cargo capacity, making it versatile for various transportation needs. While not exceptionally spacious, the Yuehu offers adequate roominess within its class.


Under the hood, the Dayun Yuehu is equipped with a 48-horsepower permanent magnet/synchronous electric motor, delivering a maximum power output of 35kW and a peak torque of 105N·m. Paired with a single-speed transmission, it utilizes a ternary lithium battery, boasting a claimed pure electric range of 300 kilometers. Fast charging takes approximately 0.9 hours, while slow charging requires around 8 hours. Owners have reported that the actual electric range closely aligns with the manufacturer's claims, enhancing its practicality for daily commuting and urban driving scenarios.


In conclusion, the Dayun Yuehu presents a compelling package with its distinctive exterior design, commendable interior space, comprehensive features, nimble handling, and low operating costs. Feedback from owners suggests that it lives up to its claimed electric range, further bolstering its appeal as a practical electric SUV option. While it may not boast the most cutting-edge technology or the most spacious cabin in its segment, the Yuehu excels in offering a well-rounded driving experience suitable for urban environments.

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