Chery QQ Ice Cream Review: A Well-Rounded Micro Electric Car

Chery QQ Ice Cream Review: A Well-Rounded Micro Electric Car

Recently, the micro-electric vehicle segment has garnered considerable attention in the Chinese automotive market. Chery QQ Ice Cream has emerged as a strong contender and one of the primary competitors to the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV. Chery recently introduced the new Chery QQ Ice Cream, and it's now available at dealerships. Let's delve into this electric microcar's exterior, interior, and performance to see how it measures up.

Exterior Design: Subtle Elegance

The latest Chery QQ Ice Cream maintains the family-oriented design but introduces some subtle enhancements. The front end is now adorned with a smoky black decorative panel and boasts a fresh QQ emblem. The headlights have a rounded and full appearance, which aids in easy recognition. The grille adopts a trapezoidal design, highlighted with black accents.

When viewing the vehicle's side profile, it exudes a robust presence, and the dual-tone paintwork adds a touch of modernity. The rounded design of the side mirrors complements the distinctive waistline, creating a harmonious flow. The lower section features a concave design, and the wheel hub design is clean and simple.

Moving to the rear, the design is clean and spacious, with the circular taillights adorned with the Chery lettering. Additionally, the rear bumper sees the addition of black decorative strips on both sides. These enhancements contribute to the Chery QQ Ice Cream's understated charm.

Interior Design: Simple and Functional

The interior of the new QQ Ice Cream adheres to a clean and functional style. It offers two color choices: caramel mocha and oat hazelnut. The dashboard boasts a distinct layering, and the square air vents add a touch of flair. The fully digital instrument cluster is comprehensive, and the multifunctional steering wheel is rounded and full. To cater to consumer preferences, the new QQ Ice Cream also provides a "high-level optional package" that includes leather seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather armrest, knitted sponge headliner, and more, elevating the overall driving experience. The dimensions of the new QQ Ice Cream are 3008mm in length, 1496mm in width, 1637mm in height, and it offers a 1960mm wheelbase, translating to good interior space.

Performance: Nippy and Practical

In terms of performance, the new QQ Ice Cream offers two motor options, 20kW and 30kW. It boasts a 0-50 km/h acceleration time of 6 seconds, and you can choose from three different estimated ranges: 120 km, 170 km, and 205 km. The power delivery is smooth, and the range is sufficient for daily commuting requirements.


In summary, the new Chery QQ Ice Cream impresses with its product offering. It combines modern exterior design, rich features, and commendable interior space. As a practical choice for everyday commuting, it stands as a solid option. With multiple motor choices and varying ranges, it caters to a wide range of needs and driving preferences. The Chery QQ Ice Cream continues to be a strong competitor in the micro-electric vehicle market, offering practicality, style, and functionality in a compact package.

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