Chery iCAR 03 Review: 0-100km/h in 6.5s, 501km range

Chery iCAR 03 Review: 0-100km/h in 6.5s, 501km range

The Chery iCAR 03, the pioneering model from Chery's energy sub-brand iCAR, positions itself as an electric compact SUV that has quickly garnered attention from a younger demographic since its launch. This review delves into the iCAR 03’s performance across various dimensions to ascertain if it lives up to its billing as the ideal first electric SUV with a rugged charm for the younger audience.


Crafted on Chery's i-MS multi-dimensional magic cube new energy architecture, the iCAR 03 exudes a strong off-road vehicle aura with its boxy shape, tear-eye style headlight assembly, and closed front grille, merging toughness with avant-gardism seamlessly. The vehicle’s side view reinforces its rugged stance through its square body layout, further accentuated by hidden door handles and a dual-tone body, injecting a sporty flair. Notably, its off-roading capabilities are commendable, with approach and departure angles of 26° and 29° respectively, facilitating light off-roading activities. The compact SUV measures 4406mm in length, 1910mm in width, 1715mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2715mm, ensuring a robust presence.

The tail design is equally minimalist and effective, with vertical tail lights, a black bumper, and exterior mounted "mini backpacks" enhancing its rugged appeal, an unexpected yet delightful choice for an electric model.


Stepping inside, the iCAR 03 features a symmetric center console design, offering two interior color options to cater to varied aesthetic preferences. The cabin impresses with its tactile quality and modern tech ambiance, highlighted by a 15.6-inch floating center display and a 9.2-inch full LCD dashboard, embodying a contemporary, tech-forward feel. Developed in collaboration with Tencent, its car-machine system stands at par with current mainstream offerings, further complemented by extensive use of soft-touch materials and meticulous craftsmanship, rivaling higher-priced competitors in interior refinement.

The vehicle’s dimensions support a spacious interior, with ample legroom and headspace in the rear, ensuring comfort despite average leg support. The seating is notably plush and comfortable. Boot space is somewhat limited in standard configuration but becomes more accommodating with the rear seats folded down, providing flexibility for occasional large item transport.

Features and Safety

From the base model upwards, the iCAR 03 is well-equipped with automatic headlights, electronic parking brake, and dual-zone automatic climate control, making for a high-spec entry-level offering. Safety features such as lane change assist, blind spot detection, rear collision warning, and door opening warning are comprehensively included, enhancing its appeal.

Performance and Drive

The iCAR 03 is available in single and dual motor setups, with the former producing 135kW and 220N·m, and the latter 205kW and 385N·m, offering substantial power. The all-wheel-drive model achieves 0-100km/h in 6.5 seconds, with intelligent electric all-wheel drive facilitating automatic switching between drives. Battery options include 50.63kWh, 65.69kWh, and 69.77kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries, supporting respective ranges of 401km, 501km, and 472km, providing ample distance for varied needs.


In recent years, off-road vehicles have surged in popularity within the domestic market, and the iCAR 03 fills a niche for electric boxy SUVs with its eye-catching design and accessible pricing. Captivating young buyers, it balances family usability with superior urban SUV off-road capabilities, showcasing its unique charm. For young individuals seeking a distinctive electric SUV on a modest budget, the iCAR 03 emerges as a notable contender, worth significant consideration.

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