Chery eQ7 Shuxiangjia Review: 512km range electric SUV

Chery eQ7 Shuxiangjia Review: 512km range electric SUV

The Chery eQ7 Shuxiangjia emerges as a noteworthy contender in the bustling EV market, where distinguishing oneself hinges on a comprehensive product offering. This model is strategically positioned as a mid-size SUV, boasting a generous five-seat layout, a competitive starting price of 129,900 RMB, and a robust aluminum-based platform. With eight variants available, ranging from 129,900 to 172,900 RMB, the eQ7 Shuxiangjia caters to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences, offering both 412km and 512km range options, thus providing ample choice in terms of price and configuration.


The Chery eQ7 Shuxiangjia impresses with its "simple + technology" aesthetic, balancing simplicity with intricate details. The split headlamp assembly, integrating daytime running lights and main beams seamlessly into the bumper, along with a smoky design, adds a touch of sophistication without compromising harmony. Despite its closed grille, the design retains a conventional air intake grille at the front, ensuring adaptability. Its dimensions and wheelbase afford ample interior space, while the vehicle's side profile, enhanced by dual-tone colors and pronounced wheel arches, along with low-resistance wheel designs, underscore its modern appeal. The popular through-type taillight design, coupled with a dynamic rear bumper, accentuates the SUV's sporty vibe.


The interior of the eQ7 Shuxiangjia exudes freshness and elegance, thanks to its dual-tone color scheme and high-grade materials. The cockpit is anchored by a pair of 12.3-inch screens that provide a minimalist user interface and support a variety of functionalities, including voice control and remote smartphone control, aligning with contemporary expectations. Comfort and convenience features, such as a flat-bottomed steering wheel, electronic gear selector, and generous storage options, including wireless charging, enhance the user experience. The spacious seats, wrapped in faux leather and equipped with comprehensive adjustment, heating, ventilation, and even massage functions, elevate comfort across the board.

Performance and Safety

Under the hood, the eQ7 Shuxiangjia offers two motor options catering to different range needs, both delivering satisfactory acceleration and top speed for everyday driving. The inclusion of fast charging capabilities, a mainstream suspension setup, and an aluminum-based platform not only improves the vehicle's efficiency and handling but also significantly enhances safety and structural rigidity.

Model Recommendations

Navigating through the model lineup, the 512km Pro variant stands out for its balance of features and value, offering essential comfort and convenience without breaking the bank. For those valuing advanced driving assistance and safety features, the 512km Max version represents a compelling choice, albeit at a higher price point.


The Chery eQ7 Shuxiangjia distinguishes itself with its ample size, comprehensive feature set, and reliable brand reputation within the competitive mid-size electric SUV segment. It delivers a compelling mix of aesthetics, comfort, and performance, making it a strong contender for consumers with a budget of around 20,000 USD looking for a spacious, well-equipped, and attractive electric SUV.

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