Changan Qiyuan A07 Review: 515km range, 190kW max output

Changan Qiyuan A07 Review: 515km range, 190kW max output

The Changan Qiyuan A07, a recent addition to the electric vehicle market, has made a notable entrance with its sophisticated design and impressive performance capabilities. This review delves into the intricacies of its interior, exterior, and performance, highlighting what sets this vehicle apart in an increasingly competitive space.


The A07, adopting a hatchback-style electric sports sedan design, stretches elegantly over 4.9 meters. This design choice not only reflects a modern approach to vehicle styling but also caters to enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of sportiness and practicality. The car’s rounded contours present a smoothly aerodynamic silhouette, appealing to those who favor softer, more approachable designs. Its distinctive and high-tech appearance is further accentuated by continuous LED strips and split-type LED headlights at the front. Emphasizing the trend towards electric vehicles, the A07 features a mostly closed-off front area, save for the lower air grille, enhancing its futuristic look. The rear design mirrors the front, with a continuous LED light group creating a cohesive and modern aesthetic. Detailing such as hidden door handles, frameless electric suction doors, and a hatchback-style tailgate not only enhance the vehicle's aesthetics but also its functionality.


Inside, the A07 aligns with current trends in new energy vehicle design, where minimalism and technology take center stage. The absence of a traditional instrument panel is a nod to the future, replaced by an AR-HUD head-up display and a 15.4-inch floating central control screen, indicating a forward-thinking approach to driver information and vehicle control. Ambient lighting across the central console and door sides create a visually pleasing and customizable environment, enhancing the nighttime driving experience. The dual-spoke flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel and the shifter are designed to optimize storage space in the armrest area, showing a thoughtful consideration for practicality. The 'Emotional Island' concept in interior design is evident in the central armrest and door linings, offering practical elements like cup holders, phone storage slots, and electrically controlled door opening buttons. Higher-end models raise the bar with seats adorned in a diamond pattern and perforation, offering heating, ventilation, massage functions, a fragrance system, and a 16-speaker sound system. A Level 2 IACC adaptive cruise control system comes standard, featuring intelligent functionalities for a safer and more convenient driving experience.


The A07 is available in two power versions: pure electric and range-extending. The electric version is equipped with a ternary lithium battery from CATL, powering a single electric motor with a maximum output of 190 kW and a peak torque of 320 Nm. It boasts an impressive pure electric range of 515 km with a battery capacity of 58.1 kWh. On the other hand, the range-extending version uses a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine to supplement its electric motor, providing a maximum power of 70 kW. This version's electric motor has a power output of 160 kW and a peak torque of 320 Nm. With a pure electric range of 200 km and an official fuel consumption of 4.5 liters/100 km in extended range mode, this variant combines efficiency with extended range capabilities.


The Changan Qiyuan A07 is a compelling entry into the electric vehicle market, blending modern design, cutting-edge technology, and environmentally friendly performance. It caters to a wide range of preferences with its stylish exterior, innovative and luxurious interior, and two versatile performance options. Whether in its pure electric form or as a range-extender, the A07 offers a harmonious combination of power, range, and aesthetic appeal, making it a strong contender in the growing field of electric vehicles.

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