BYD Dolphin Review: A Stylish and Efficient Urban Electric Car

BYD Dolphin Review: A Stylish and Efficient Urban Electric Car

The BYD Dolphin is a vehicle that combines appealing aesthetics with practicality. Its moderate size and flexible dimensions make it suitable for both solo and family drives. The interior exudes modernity, featuring soft materials throughout and comfortable faux leather seats. The standout feature is the impressive 12.8-inch LED touchscreen, which not only commands attention but also supports over-the-air (OTA) updates. Practical functionalities such as voice control, in-car navigation, and connectivity to the internet of things (IoT) are seamlessly integrated. The Dolphin also supports fast charging, taking just half an hour to reach approximately 80% charge. Additionally, it offers a 360-degree panoramic camera system for added convenience.

The Dolphin measures 4125mm in length with a 2700mm wheelbase, providing ample space for a small family. There's no sense of confinement in the cabin, and the rear seats can be folded down as a whole, making it suitable for transporting various items in daily life. The Dolphin exhibits a commendable load-bearing capacity.

In terms of performance, the Dolphin features a 95-horsepower electric motor, which may seem modest but proves efficient in acceleration and speed. Electric motors offer the advantage of high torque, quick response, and swift acceleration. The steering is well-balanced with good directional feedback. However, one minor drawback is that the vehicle feels a bit floaty during turns, lacking exceptional grip. This suggests that the Dolphin leans more towards being a practical city car for short commutes rather than a sporty performer.

Regarding range, while the official figure claims 405 kilometers, real-world driving conditions may yield approximately 350 kilometers or more in urban scenarios, which closely aligns with the official data. The Dolphin's actual range performance is commendable, making it suitable for daily use. When evaluating the range of an electric car, it's essential to consider your own driving patterns and not solely rely on official figures.

On a typical week, the Dolphin proves to be a reliable choice for commuting. High-speed driving hasn't been tested, but the vehicle's low operating cost per kilometer makes it a practical and affordable option for urban travel.

However, in terms of ride comfort, the Dolphin has room for improvement. The suspension struggles with damping vibrations and noise compared to other vehicles in its price range. The cabin notably feels the impact on bumpy roads, and when the speed exceeds 60 kilometers per hour, road noise becomes more pronounced, highlighting the car's average sound insulation.

In conclusion, the Dolphin offers a low cost per kilometer, and its real-world range meets his daily needs. Furthermore, BYD's triple-electric system comes with a lifetime quality warranty and a 150,000-kilometer vehicle warranty, showcasing BYD's commitment to customer satisfaction.
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