BYD Atto 3 Review: A Compelling Blend of Style and Efficiency

BYD Atto 3 Review: A Compelling Blend of Style and Efficiency

As the first SUV product based on BYD's e3.0 platform, the BYD Atto 3, also known as the BYD Yuan Plus, boasts advanced hardware features like a heat pump air conditioning system and an eight-in-one electric drive. Its design, both inside and out, stands out as a remarkable feature. With strong overall product capabilities, it's no surprise that the Atto 3 has been enjoying impressive sales figures. Let's dive into the details:


The exterior of the Atto 3 showcases BYD's latest design concept, the DRAGON FACE 3.0. The front fascia appears sleek and rounded, with a matte "dragon's beard" trim extending the visual width of the front. The fog light area draws inspiration from marine life. The high-spec full-LED headlights offer excellent illumination and include subtle blue accents. The three-segment daytime running lights, along with the central horizontal light strip, form a cohesive light signature. The vehicle's dimensions measure 4455mm in length, 1875mm in width, 1615mm in height, with a 2720mm wheelbase, placing it in the compact SUV category. The sleek and sporty side profile, highlighted by matte trim with gradient dragon scale patterns on the D-pillars, showcases BYD's exceptional body stamping craftsmanship. The vehicle boasts a low drag coefficient of 0.29cd, and black plastic wheel arches enhance its protection against scratches. The dual-tone sporty wheels feature low-resistance design principles, and the tires are the quiet and efficient Michelin UC6 series with a size of 235/50 R18.

Moving to the rear, the Atto 3 exhibits a dynamic design. The rear spoiler incorporates a matrix-style high-mounted brake light, and the lower rear window area features the classic "BUILD YOUR DREAMS" chrome lettering logo. The full-LED taillights use advanced narrow-edge technology, resulting in an intricate light pattern. The high-energy progressive flowing turn signals are placed at the bottom, and high-trim models come with a power tailgate.


The interior of the Atto 3 follows a "gym" theme, with sporty elements scattered throughout. You'll find "wrench"-style door panel handles, "barbell"-style air conditioning vents, and "grip strength trainer"-style door handles, all displaying meticulous craftsmanship. The center console is wrapped in high-quality super-fiber leather with a cloud-like texture, providing a luxurious feel. The vehicle is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel, a floating central touchscreen, and all the classic features you'd expect, including a "pushrod bearing" style electronic gear lever that exudes a handsome aesthetic.

Performance and Technology

Built on the e3.0 platform, the Atto 3 offers distinctive features such as distributed power battery management, battery heating system, mobile power station, and a heat pump air conditioning system. It is powered by an AC permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power output of 150 kW and a peak torque of 310 N·m. The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds, showcasing impressive performance. The entire lineup includes blade batteries, and the top-of-the-line version, like the one owned by this reviewer, boasts an impressive range of 510 kilometers on a single charge. Additionally, it can be fast-charged from 30% to 80% in just 30 minutes.


1. Smooth and quick acceleration due to its electric nature, providing ample power for daily driving.
2. Good sound insulation, especially with optional Michelin tires. Minimal motor noise even during rapid acceleration.
3. Robust suspension with front MacPherson and rear four-link independent suspension, balancing sportiness and comfort.
4. Exceptional energy efficiency with an average consumption of 16 kWh per 100 kilometers, significantly lower operating costs compared to gasoline cars.
5. Large and responsive central touchscreen with the latest infotainment system and excellent voice control.
6. Impressive "Ski White" paint finish with a captivating color-changing effect in direct sunlight.
7. Highly efficient heat pump air conditioning system for comfortable cooling while reducing energy consumption.
8. Outstanding interior and exterior design with the distinctive "Dragon Face" exterior and "gym" interior theme.
9. Impressive ambient lighting with dynamic effects at various locations throughout the cabin.


1. Lack of seat heating and ventilation in the top-tier model, a feature that could be considered in future updates.
2. Limited adjustability of the air conditioning vents, which may not suit all passengers' preferences.
3. Occasional squeaking from the brake pedal during low-speed maneuvers or parking; needs investigation.
4. Inconvenient absence of USB ports inside the center console, requiring cables to be routed from below.
5. Occasionally unresponsive smart key, leading to multiple attempts to unlock the trunk.
6. Average lumbar support in the front seats, potentially causing fatigue during extended drives.
7. Strong new car smell upon delivery, requiring time for ventilation.
8. Relatively small size of the full LCD instrument panel; a larger display similar to the BYD Song PLUS would be welcomed.
9. Slight rightward deviation in the steering wheel, a common issue noted by other owners.

In summary, the Atto 3 is perceived as a commendable vehicle, offering a compelling balance between its strengths and weaknesses. While it does have some minor shortcomings, its low operating costs, impressive technology features, and the advanced e3.0 platform make it one of the standout choices in its segment.

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