BMW iX3 Review: Electric Mid-Size SUV

BMW iX3 Review: Electric Mid-Size SUV

Exterior Design

The BMW iX3, a pure electric mid-size SUV, maintains a strong visual connection with its sibling, the X3. It features BMW's signature closed-off kidney grille, which not only carries the classic BMW design language but also enhances its tech-forward appeal. The familiar dual L-shaped daytime running lights provide a striking visual effect, asserting a more aggressive look than previous models. Although the iX3's dimensions are not groundbreaking within the mid-size SUV segment, its design remains compact and dynamic. The 19-inch double-spoke wheels are noteworthy for their aesthetic and aerodynamic efficiency, contributing to the vehicle's electric nature.

Interior Design

Inside, the iX3 continues to echo BMW's purest family design language, which, despite showing its age against competitors like Tesla and Nio, still manages to exude a higher sense of quality, particularly when compared to the Audi Q5L. The craftsmanship and materials remain of high BMW standard, offering a more premium feel than the Tesla Model Y. The red interior option also adds a sporty atmosphere. The model comes equipped with L2-level driver assistance systems, an electric tailgate, keyless entry, active grille shutters, a panoramic sunroof, HUD display, wireless charging for the front seats, multi-directional electric seat adjustment with heating, ambient lighting, and a 16-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, albeit some features are optional.


The iX3 is offered with a rear-wheel-drive single electric motor setup, delivering a maximum power of 210 kW and a peak torque of 400 N·m, comparable to a high-power 2.0T combustion engine. The electric motor allows for quicker bursts of acceleration, with the official 0-100 km/h time at 6.8 seconds. However, compared to the Model Y, it falls slightly short, with the latter boasting a 660 km range and a 5-second 0-100 km/h time. The iX3's 550 km range and slower acceleration don't quite match up to its luxury branding, leading to a performance offering that may be considered underwhelming.


The BMW iX3 is an enticing option for a mid-size SUV from a luxury brand. Historically, this price bracket could barely secure a compact model. However, when pitted against the likes of the Tesla Model Y, the iX3 lacks competitive allure. This is reflected in its moderate sales figures, especially when contrasted with the Model Y's robust sales.

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