Baojun KiWi EV Review: A Collaboration with DJI

Baojun KiWi EV Review: A Collaboration with DJI

In the realm of electric vehicles, the launch of the 2023 Baojun KiWi EV on September 15 2023 heralds a significant step forward. With its array of models - the Zhi Chao version, Zhi She version, and the highly anticipated DJI version - this EV caters to a wide spectrum of consumers.


The 2023 model of the KiWi EV introduces a fresh palette of colors - Mocha, Twilight, and Matcha - that encapsulate the car's modern aesthetic. This visual appeal is further accentuated by its unique floating dual-tone body design. Standard across all models are the LED high-position brake lights and the distinctive four-leaf clover aluminum alloy wheels, adding a touch of elegance and distinctiveness. The Zhi She and DJI versions take luxury a notch higher with their hidden electric door handles, sophisticated boneless wipers, and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, marrying functionality with style.


Inside, the KiWi EV is a testament to Baojun's commitment to luxury and technological prowess. The 2023 model boasts a significant upgrade with a 10.25-inch instrument cluster and an equally large touchscreen information display. This dual-screen setup not only adds to the car’s futuristic feel but also enhances driver experience with its customizable desktop. The central control system is a hub of innovation, equipped with voice interaction capabilities and comprehensive features including multimedia audio and video, map navigation, and vehicle control settings. The interior color schemes – Future Silver and Interstellar Black – are carefully chosen to resonate with the car's avant-garde personality, while the addition of a central cup holder device exemplifies the thoughtful design.

Intelligent Driving: A Collaboration with DJI

The collaboration between SAIC-GM-Wuling and DJI elevates the KiWi EV's intelligent driving assistance system to new heights. Leveraging DJI's acclaimed camera technology, particularly its dual-camera technology, the KiWi EV offers an enhanced smart driving experience. In the DJI version, features like 360-degree smart parking, AI-enabled smart exit, and an array of intelligent driving functions including active recommendation, smart following, and intelligent lane changes showcase the car’s advanced capabilities.

Comfort in Every Seat

The KiWi EV continues to offer an independent four-seat layout, ensuring comfort for all passengers. The driver’s seat comes with a 6-way adjustment feature, and the passenger seat includes a convenient one-button entry system. The Zhi She and DJI versions add an extra layer of luxury with keyless entry and windows equipped with an anti-pinch function and remote control, catering to the needs of the modern driver.

Uncompromised Performance

Under the hood, the 2023 KiWi EV impresses with its single electric motor drive. The Zhi Chao and Zhi She versions boast a maximum power of 40 kW, while the DJI version ramps it up to 50 kW. With a maximum torque of 150 Nm, the vehicle promises a robust performance. The range is equally impressive, offering 305 km and 301 km for the respective versions. The EV supports both fast and slow charging modes, addressing the varied needs of its users.

Embracing the Smart Era: Harmony OS

The integration of Huawei's Harmony OS in the KiWi EV is indicative of the ongoing trend where automotive giants are increasingly collaborating with tech firms. This partnership with DJI mirrors a similar commitment to enhancing the car's smart driving system, making the KiWi EV a frontrunner in intelligent electric mobility.

Market Position and Future Prospects

In terms of market positioning, the KiWi EV competes closely with models like the Chery Little Ant and Sehol E10X, offering a comparable price range. However, when it comes to sales performance, there is still room for growth, suggesting that the KiWi EV might soon become a more prominent player in the electric vehicle market.

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