AION Y PLUS Review: 610km range SUV

AION Y PLUS Review: 610km range SUV

The AION Y PLUS, a product of GAC's push into the new energy market, exemplifies the blend of practicality and smart features that traditional automakers are bringing to the table to compete with newer, tech-savvy entrants in the car manufacturing industry. This comprehensive review delves into the interior, exterior, and performance aspects of the 2023 AION Y PLUS, showcasing what makes it a notable contender in the compact SUV segment.


The AION Y PLUS sports a full-bodied design with a high front end, characterized by a closed grille that plays with light and shadow to create a visually compelling contour. The headlights on either side are distinctive, housing neatly arranged internal lighting units that offer a strong visual impact when lit. Its side profile is elongated, stretching to a length of 4535mm, with a continuous waistline that, along with blackened window surrounds, contrasts sharply against bright body paint. The vehicle also features low-resistance wheel hubs and sizable wheel arches that lend it a robust appearance.


Inside, the AION Y PLUS boasts a layered central console accentuated by a floating LCD screen. The passenger side is detailed with horizontal strips covered in leather and metal, adding a tactile quality to the aesthetic. Air vents are separated by metal strips, enhancing the premium feel of the interior. The control area is simplified, equipped with a wireless charging panel for smartphones, cup holders, and a multi-colored three-spoke steering wheel with physical buttons that provide mechanical feedback, contributing to the overall user-friendly experience.


Under the hood, the AION Y PLUS is powered by a front-mounted single electric motor, offering a choice of three battery ranges: 430km, 510km, and 610km. This variety ensures that the vehicle can meet the daily needs of families, offering a balance between range and energy consumption that caters to home usage.

Notable Features

  1. FACE ID: This innovative feature utilizes biometric recognition to customize and recall individual settings such as air conditioning, seat and mirror positions, and music preferences, enhancing user comfort through personalization.

  2. Call Noise Reduction: Leveraging biometric technology, this function automatically adjusts the environment for clearer phone calls by reducing music volume, closing side windows, and even reminding users to avoid handheld phone use while driving. This feature is particularly useful for professionals on the go.

  3. Rest Mode: For those needing a break, the AION Y PLUS offers a rest mode that adjusts the seat to a pre-set comfortable position, ideal for a quick nap. The system can also play sleep-conducive music and set an alarm, ensuring a refreshing break.


The AION Y PLUS stands out in the compact SUV category for its combination of space, intelligence, and range. Its thoughtful features significantly enhance user comfort, making it a competitive and desirable choice for families. With its solid performance and innovative technology, the AION Y PLUS is well-positioned to achieve success in the market. What are your thoughts on this vehicle's capabilities?

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