2024 Mercedes-Benz EQV Review: A Glimpse into the Future of Luxury Electric MPVs

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQV Review: A Glimpse into the Future of Luxury Electric MPVs

As the world of automotive design gradually shifts towards electric mobility, Mercedes-Benz has not been left behind. During the Munich Motor Show, the German automaker unveiled a glimpse of what the future holds with its new model, the Mercedes-Benz EQV. This vehicle represents a mid-cycle refresh of the current model, yet it stands out as a prototype that indicates significant advancements in electric vehicle (EV) technology. Though still in the prototype stage and set for a 2024 market release, the EQV has already stirred excitement among EV enthusiasts and luxury car aficionados alike.


The Mercedes-Benz EQV showcases an exterior that is both familiar and innovative. The front fascia is dominated by the closed grille design that is a hallmark of the Mercedes EQ series. This grille is tastefully decorated with horizontal bars that create a layered effect, enhancing the car's visual depth. This is complemented by the iconic Mercedes emblem, which stands out, ensuring immediate brand recognition.

The headlights of the EQV are a work of art in themselves. They are tinted and integrated with lenses, seamlessly connecting with the air intake grille. This design choice not only enhances the car's aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a cohesive and unified front-end appearance.

Moving to the lower bumper, the EQV sports a three-part design featuring small air ducts on the sides, adorned with C-shaped black decorative strips. These elements inject a sporty essence into the vehicle. The chrome-plated front lip adds a touch of elegance, highlighting the luxurious pedigree of the car.

The side profile of the EQV is equally impressive. The vehicle maintains a straight roofline, equipped with robust roof racks. The continuous waistline extends the visual length of the car, while the stylish five-spoke petal-shaped wheels add a modern flair, showcasing the EQV's fashionable character.

At the rear, the EQV continues to impress. It features a small spoiler and vertically oriented taillights on the side fenders, contributing to a compact and refined look. The lower bumper, simple in design, is accentuated with blue panels that underscore the EQV's identity as an electric vehicle, a subtle nod to its eco-friendly credentials.


Inside, the EQV is a testament to the luxurious and innovative spirit of Mercedes-Benz. The interior follows the familiar family design language, offering a sense of comfort and luxury that is synonymous with the brand. The cabin is equipped with a new three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, dual connected screens, and an electronic shifter, blending traditional luxury with modern technology.

The MBUX touch panel, a feature that has become a staple in contemporary Mercedes vehicles, is also present. This system provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing drivers and passengers to interact with the car's various functions effortlessly.


While specific details regarding the EQV's electric powertrain were not disclosed at the show, there is anticipation in the air. External media speculate that the electric powertrain of the EQV might closely mirror that of the current model, suggesting a seamless transition to electric mobility without compromising on performance.

Previously, Mercedes-Benz had only announced the powertrain for the fuel version of the vehicle. However, the shift to an electric variant is expected to uphold the performance standards that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for, combining efficiency with luxury in a seamless manner.


The Mercedes-Benz EQV, set to enter production in 2024, is more than just a vehicle; it's a statement about the future of luxury electric mobility. With its stylish exterior, luxurious interior, and anticipated electric performance, the EQV is poised to set new benchmarks in the electric vehicle segment. It upholds the quality and prestige that are hallmarks of the Mercedes-Benz brand, promising a unique blend of innovation, luxury, and environmental responsibility. As the automotive world watches, the EQV stands ready to revolutionize our expectations of what a luxury electric vehicle can be.

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